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  1. 1 hour ago, MikeTO said:

    When a document floated, the replacement for Separated Mode, you also see the zoom level in its title bar.


    1 hour ago, Old Bruce said:

    That is still available in the 'torn off tab' view in version 2 (AKA Poor Man's Separated Mode).

    Okay you two for the sake of a person that has operated in non-Separated mode very little.  You are saying people open a second document, or do a New View, just so they can pull the document off the tabs line?  That could be handy sometimes.  Thanks for the suggestion.  And it sure does away with the issue of the name length/zoom size.

  2. I'm seeing this same issue also on Designer.  Has there been any word on if this is just a trial thing or not?  I know I'm in Affinity Designer, what I don't know is my zoom level.  I use the zoom level a lot in drawing to compare the size of objects when zoomed in.  I don't want to spend $40 or $99 to find out this is not a trial thing.  I'm running this on an Mac using the Ventura OS.


  3. 19 hours ago, MEB said:

    That's because in your video you only have drew 3 objects but the Maximum is set to 6 objects so by default the first six objects you drew are automatically set as snapping candidates - hovering them will not highlight them (we only highlight new snapping candidates, not existing ones). Only after you draw the seventh, the first one you drew can be highlighted on hovering because it's no longer considered a snapping candidate (the last 6 you drew are the new snapping candidates - the first one had to be "released" because the max allowed is six).

    Hi MEB,

    Okay, I can live with that seeing as there won't be many drawings with fewer objects than the max candidates.  It was just weird that sometimes they were all highlighted and other times none were highlighted.  Thank you for looking at it.  Mike

  4. 4 hours ago, Dan C said:

    I can confirm I've been able to replicate this issue here and I'm getting it logged with our devs - as this object should be named 'Curves' when it's created, but it appears not to update until a new, separate layer is added to the canvas.

    Thanks for your report :)

    Thanks for figuring out what triggered it.  And getting it fixed.

  5. I made a simple drawing with 3 shapes to test how V2 AD worked.  I found that with most options selected in the Snapping dialog box it still didn't highlight the candidates until I went to the selected layer.  In V1 it would have selected the layers as I hovered over them.  Shouldn't this have done so?  See attached video.



    This was done on a 2020 27" iMac running Ventura 13.0.1.

  6. 1 minute ago, R C-R said:

    That is exactly what I expect to happen -- after all, if it is sized to the full screen size & it was over the toolbars & panels, how could you access them?

    Then are you saying that in non-Separated mode the full screen is not acting correct?  I know you aren't it's just that it's not useable in Separated mode.  There were several other things that were awkward in Separated mode, but I've learned to live with them, because unlike loukash I still like Separated mode so much more than non-Separated mode so I stuck with it.  Being able to easily go out and sample the color from something outside AD was so handy.  Being able to have 3 columns of panels that went all the way to the top of the screen was handy.  Resizing the canvas as needed was handy.  I bet I resize the canvas area a few times every day for one reason or another.  I just find non-Separated mode feels restrictive.  Having it being missing from V2 will possibly stop me from going to V2.

  7. 3 minutes ago, R C-R said:

    have you tried this with any of the more recent macOS versions?

    I am using Ventura now on a new 27" iMac.  I need to update the system info on the bottom of the forum.  But first I need to figure out how to do that.  But I am trying to work with V2 to decide if I really want to go to V2.

    With V1 non-Separated mode the option green button causes the Canvas, panels and tools to move out to fill the screen.  The entire canvas is visible.  In Separated mode it opens the canvas up so wide it's under the toolbars and everything else.  That's not useable for much of anything.

  8. 39 minutes ago, R C-R said:

    For all the V2 apps, it seems like if you don't name a layer containing multiple curves, it's more or less like V1 & shows it as a Curves layer, but if you give it a name the only way to tell for sure that is to select it with the Move Tool & check the context toolbar, where it will show the name followed by "(Curves)" or to check what the bounding box covers. Sometimes, it will be obvious from the layer thumbnail but not always.

    I think it was better in V1.

    The big push from Affinity and most drawing classes is to NAME THE LAYERS so you can identify them.  Now AD is trying to get us to stop naming the layers so we can tell what's in them.  What's up with that!?  Yes V1 was much better for that.

  9. I loved Separated mode in V1.  When I first bought AD, back in 2014, I wasn't sure I liked AD until I found Separated Mode after about a month of using non-Separated mode.  There were some problems with it.  Most issues seemed to be ignored or at least given low priority to be fixed because most people used non-Separated mode.  Just like issues only showing in light mode.  So we learned to live with them.

  10. 42 minutes ago, loukash said:

    I have rearranged all panels in both left and right side studios to suit my workflow, the right side being the more important ones. 

    I have set mine up to try your idea of using the left studio also.  I've never tried it before but it looks like it might work.  I need to decide on a shortcut to use so I can kill the left when I need the real estate.  Thanks for the idea.


  11. In V2 AD how can we tell if a layer is made up of a single curve or multiples?  In the example below there is a mix.  If I had hundreds/thousands of layers how would I be able to distinguish between a Curve and Curves? 

    I always keep layers as a Curve unless there is a need to tie multiple layers together.  So that if I click on an object in my drawing and make a change I know only that one piece will be affected.  Other objects in a Curves might be way out of my view in my canvas.

    Also it gives me a clue that a layer is the result of a boolean operation.  I guess all operations could be done as a compound so they are distinguishable.


  12. In AD V1 I'm used to using Separated Mode, which I can't in V2.  But in V1 I'd have my panels spread out in 3 columns.  this would allow me to change the canvas size to look at drawings/photos under AD.  The panels all stayed in a known location.  Like this:


    In V2, non-Separated mode, I have tried to create the same layout, but only the right column docks.  If I change the size of the canvas to use part of my screen for viewing drawings/photos the other two columns do not move and cover the one docked column.


    Is there a way to dock all three columns so they all move when resizing the canvas?  The two floating columns are docked together.  Currently the only way I can do it, other than dragging the floating columns every time I resize the screen, is by creating multiple studio presets with the floating in various locations.  Neither are very handy.  Is there a trick I am missing?

  13. On 11/14/2022 at 7:06 AM, carl123 said:

    In the hamburger menu for the Layers panel select...

    Show Group Thumbnails

    Great.  This was a major complaint I had with V2.  Another was the V1 Preference setting "Auto-scroll to show selection in Layer's panel" being missing.  And sure enough it looks like it's there in the hamburger menu of the Layer's panel.  I haven't tested it yet but it looks good.  Two birds down with one stone. 

  14. On 11/11/2022 at 1:57 AM, Hangman said:

    Hopefully, this is the kind of thing you're looking to achieve?

    If I go into a complex drawing click on a few parts and do a few snips, how do I know from the layers panel that the object is made up of multiple objects?  The layer name in V1 used to be showing Curves if multiple.  Now it's still showing Curve.  And if I have assigned a name to the object even the Curve is gone.  Am I missing something in V2?  Or, do I have to grab all layers in the drawing and do a separate curves?

    Actually if a name hasn't been assigned to the layer I find that after doing more work on the drawing, suddenly the Curve changes to Curves.  Not sure what triggered it.

  15. 1. I created an object in a drawing I had been working on for a few hours in Designer, a circle.

    2. Made it into a curve.

    3. Did an Edit in Photo from the menu.

    4. Selected the object I needed to change. Clicked on the symbol at the bottom of the layers panel to create a Live Filter, Perspective.

    5. I didn't make any changes to the Live Perspective panel.  Just moved all 4 corner nodes of my object.

    6. I clicked the red exit light in the traffic signal of the Live Perspective panel.

    7. Selected Edit in Designer from the menu.

    8. I moved and resized the ellipse to fit in my drawing.

    9. Copy and Paste object to move it to another position.

    10. Observed Bounding Box stays in same location, but object has been resized and moved and rotated slightly from that of the original. 


    If I leave out the Bold line I don't have a problem (line 10. does not happen) when I recreated this just now in a new drawing.  But adding the Bold line triggered the problem.  Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean about setting the Perspective filter parameters.  As I mentioned above I used the default parameters in the Live Perspective filer panel. Shown below, and never changed them in AP or AD.  I did find that if I didn't do line 7 and stayed in Photo I had the same results in the process.



    I hope that helps.  In my drawing I found that having 12 circles modified by a Live perspective filter caused such a high CPU usage that for the first time in the year I've had this computer I could hear the fan running at high speed.  So I used the results of the live perspective filer to create an ellipse the size and shape it gave then deleted the results.  My computer was much happier with this.

    Thank you.




  16. I'm not sure whether to report this as a Photo bug or a Designer bug.  I found it using Designer, but it looks to come from Photo.

    For a drawing in Designer I needed several circles drawn in 3 point perspective.  So I drew a cube in perspective then drew a circle and converted it to curves.  Then chose Edit in Photo, created a live perspective of the circle so that it just fit in one face of the cube.  Then moved back to Edit in Designer.


    I then made a copy (cmd+c and cmd+v).  Much to my surprise the bounding box and image of the original circle was in the same location, but the perspective was smaller and offset considerably.  I changed the color to blue just to keep track of circles.


    The Transform panel shows them as being in the same location.  1151714411_ScreenShot2022-08-09at9_56_13AM.png.86bb572d7890d123ff7046fd174ab3a7.png

    In order to get the copy to pretty much equal the original I had to make the bounding box much larger, add some angle to it and move it over.


    I tired it again, making the new copy purple/pink.


    Again the bounding box and circle's image was the same location as the layer copied, but the perspective was offset, smaller and slightly rotated.

    I found I got the same results in Photo.  But if I created a new live perspective from a copy of the circle then the results were the same.  Shouldn't each copy of a perspective be the same?

    Cube temp2.afdesign

    I'm running the latest released versions of Designer (1.10.5) and Photo (1.10.5) on a iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020) with Monterey version 12.5.

    I do find that if I make multiple copies of the original they are all offset, shrunk and twisted the same.

  17. On 12/21/2021 at 10:32 AM, Boat Skipper said:

    Would you allow us to use your art for fundraising purposes?

    Tom, the answer is most certainly yes, I would be honored.  I may have even talked to you on one of our trips onboard the Minnehaha.  The provenance of the Minnehaha is something right out of a Clive Cussler book.  I'm glad you enjoyed the drawing as it allows me the ability to at least partially repay the enjoyment of riding the Minnehaha.  I will PM you shortly with some information and we'll have to arrange to transfer the 122MB affinity file.  Mike

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