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    tajmahal got a reaction from R C-R in Move selection while selecting   
    I've got a few questions:
    1. Is there a way to move the starting point of e.g. a marquee selection while still in the process of selecting? In Photoshop, this works by starting to drag, holding Space and continuing to drag. I use this all the time. (It works for the built-in OS X screenshot facility as well, btw.)
    2. When the prefs window is the topmost one and I try to close it using Cmd+W, I always end up closing the document window behind it instead. Is there a reason for this awkward behaviour?
    3. [ and ] don't change the brush size for me, although they're set as shortcuts in the prefs window. I assume this is a bug? (I am using a German keyboard, where square brackets are entered through Optn+5 and Optn+6.)
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    tajmahal got a reaction from n0rmand0 in Modifier keys while drawing a selection.   
    Starting with 1.5, this works with the shape tools (where I have no use for it), but still doesn't with the marquee tool (where it is absolutely essential to me). I'm now somewhat disappointed … is this just an oversight?