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  1. Thnx MEB for your advice. It's working!! (y)
  2. Hope somebody has a solution. if I try to open the menu item "Preferences" AP is crashing. Everytime it happens. Have AP via the Apple store. Latest update is november 2nd 2017 Anybody who has same problem. Someone a solution??? Kindest regards, jefvandejumenas
  3. jefvandejumenas

    Photo to graphic ?

    Fixx, John Rostron and carl123 thanks for the tips. I am working on it>
  4. jefvandejumenas

    Photo to graphic ?

    Thnx Fixx. Tried it but does not give the same result. I also have Affinity designer. Is that a better solution? And how to do it?
  5. Dear forum-members, can someone please explain (or give me a link to) how I can make a photo look graphic> See example. Thnx jefvandejumenas