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  1. Don't quite understand this - I'm the only user on the machine, and am an administrative user. And I can't delete the install directory! [And after another restart, this time it works fine. It's a black art!] Thanks for the help!
  2. Tried that - thanks for the suggestion - but same result. In case the log file changed, here it is again... Trying again, but this time emptying the 'Temp' folder beforehand - that also has same result. SetupUI.log
  3. Also can't install new version. Running Win 10 64-bit build 1803, and I note that I can't now uninstall, as Affinity doesn't appear in the list of programs. I've attached setupui.log, but it tells me nothing! SetupUI.log
  4. I'm also unable to install - same messages as above, tried multiple downloads (no issues downloading) and clean reboot before installation. Just the blunt 'setup failed' message with no further information. And I'm using 'run as administrator' just in case. 64-bit Windows 10 Pro - and I do note that most of the failures above seem to be Pro rather than Home?

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