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  1. Just tried the latest beta, nothing changed here. Going to CC for a year now for my business photo works, and will check upcoming Pixelmator Pro, if that will be better for my needs. Affinity Photo will be set to sleep in the hangar now, may be in some years it will be working as it should, or may be not. Too many points that do not work as I expect from an app that claims to be professional.
  2. hmmm, am I the only one who is not happy with this situation? If you ask me, .... you may take 50% away from Aff Poto Options, that are more on the fun and non productional side, and make the remaining rest work like a charme. If that´s done, you may add the useless weight again, also working perfect with the rest! - I know that the useless definition is something different for everyone of us, and don´t take my words too serious. But in the moment I am really thinkig about going back to Photoshop again, or try other options available, cause the best knife does stress your life, if you have to sharpen it before every single cut!
  3. ah, understand, thanks for quick info, and hope to see the update soon!
  4. Watching the Youtube tutorial Opening & Saving it shows the import of a photo from photos, opening a full screen selection window for the photo import. In my real app on iPad Pro 10.5 only a unbelievable small popup window is opening for photo selection, this can not be true? Why the video is showing different options to real app, and what's the deal here about this? This small window is not really an option for choosing taken photos for work with Affinity Photo. This small window makes it look and work like a toy, sorry for that.
  5. I like clean windows, is there any chance of disabling / hiding the help about the used tools showing up at the bottom of the window all the time? I did a search, but did not find a solution for that. I do not need this help infos at the moment, so how can I hide this? Talking about Designer!
  6. Since nothing changed I´m asking again about this problem, any idea how to fix that, is that a Affinity problem, or a Mac problem, ........ it is really disappointing entering settings without really seeing what you are entering.
  7. When using the unfolding stroke settings menu at the top of the page, and want to enter another stroke width than actually been set, the old setting remains visible behind the new setting I´m typing in. That does not look good, and makes it difficult having optical control when typing in new width. See attached screenshot. I been watching this for a longer while, but did not change now with 1.5 update. Any ideas? Mac, Yosemite
  8. Often I am working with more documents open in tabs, but visibility of active tab is very bad, hardly a difference to not active tabs, I would want a sharper visibility of the active tab here. Would be very helpful, may be in upcoming 1.6 with new GUI that could be improved. ;)
  9. As shown in this video, (Affinity Photo - Focus Merging Bracketed Images) the result should be 16 bit color format for more detailed quality. When doing so, as shown in the video, using 8 bit jpgs for Focus Merging, I will get 8 bit results, but not 16 bits. Any idea what could be wrong?
  10. One tool I am using all the time in photoshop is crop the picture to predefined site, often just standard HD size 1920x1080px. This is not possible in Affinity photo, and also actual update did not change anything here. I think this is an option that many users are waiting for, a bit wondering, why not been part of the actual update.
  11. Any idea, news about that?
  12. May be this helps: If I do the same in the side bar stroke window, behaviour is all normal, when I activate the setting ....... it is all as it should be.
  13. Here´s the movie to show this problem better: affinity_problem_01.mov
  14. Now understood, did a new start as described, but did not change this problem. I´ll make a quick movie of that now.
  15. Hello, also checked this with Affinity Photo and is same behaviour. What do you mean with: select clear? Could you describe that better for me please? :-)
  16. Thanks for info, I can see it´s getting better and better! :-)
  17. Yes, there should be 2 decimal places for sure, some people do precison work with an app as Affinity designer, for example an easy way making jobs for CAD work, exporting as pdfs, and then converting to autocad files. I been doing this a couple of times going fine. The problem to me is "not seeing" the right value, after once having typed it in. Example is a 15,75mm value, ....... how can I see what is the exact value if I have to check that back later? Don´t get me wrong, I understand that it´s not been the main work Aff. Designer been made for, but as it´s been Freehand for me, I see that as a muliti weapon app, giving you the chance of making ....... what ever you can make with it. So only one decimal place is very poor, I think 2 places are a must, and 3 would even be better for some jobs. So why restricting that to optical reasons? I see there is plenty of space for more decimal places, or why not adding a precison mode for all needing that?
  18. As a long time Freehand user I been working regularly with the knife tool. As just the update been (1.2) ready today, I am still missing that very important tool. Making workarounds is not a good solution. To me a knife tool is a very basic need, and I guess that there´s more guys around missing that tool same way as I do. Nice, day, cheers!
  19. Using photoshop I opened photos, and for getting a cropped picture with predefined dimensions (here 1920 x 1080 px) I used crop tool, and been typing in the 1920 x 1080px. So now I can open any photo, use the crop tool, scale it however I want, bigger, or smaller until I found the right crop of the photo, and I will get cropped pictured with 1920 x 1080px size. This is not possible with Affinity Photo at the moment? When scaling crop frame the pixel sizes change, so the complete crop frame is chaning. I do not find that very usefull.
  20. Just exploring Affinity Designer embedding option, really cool tool! Is it possible embedding an Affinity Photo document, so by double clicking placed picture that can be edited with Affinity Photo? That would really be a very good option, ........ if possible at all!
  21. Hi again, I tried that, and it works. As I can see modification of placed file is only possible via Designer, right? I thought it might be possible using the source application for modifying the placed file. An example I tried: I have a small cardboard box I took a photo, and now I want to make a simulation of a printed box with text and images. These have to be in perspective, and with Designer I don´t see a perspective tool, but with Photo there is a tool. So I thought about using that tool in a Designer document by placing a Photo file. Any idea, or help about that? Is a perspective Tool planned for Designer too?
  22. Okay, I totally missed that Beta info, I been reading your answer too fast and ........ sorry, did not get that one: (this only works between the Betas of Affinity Designer and Photo) Thanks, will try that with beta version. Very cool tool, very helpful for many options.
  23. 1.2 Designer and Photo Beta.

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