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  1. Here another video, may be helps: When I make a first stroke, and after falling into super slow motion mode I hit the move tool, the stroke shows up completely. When I leave this stroke as it is, and keep going adding more strokes, ....... it now works as it should. If I delete the slow motion stroke, it will happen again. Video 4
  2. Before you may ask: I tried all settings, started the mac new, ...... but no change of this problem. This is really frustrating, as you may not trust an update of a well working app. And as often, now one has to live with this bug (I really guess this is not my fault) until a new update may come ......... taking months ......... Just did the same with 1.6.1 Version ........ no problem, all fine! Thanks for bringing arrows, ........ and new problems! :-(
  3. ah, that sounds like an understandable reason for that. Thanks, good to know, so I´ll find a workaround for that for sure! :-)
  4. When double clicking on desiger files in iCloud folder on mac, Affinity Photo will open. When trying to assign these documents to open with designer (by doing so in the information window for that file) I can not set designer to be the app, to be used when clicking. Please fix that, or tell me a solution for that, thanks.
  5. This is exactly what I been trying, but no success. See video, always juming back to photo: info_designer_01.mov
  6. Ok, as I can see the "delete handle" option is not, or not yet available on iOS version. What you been doing here ....... I can do this too, but that is not the comfortable and precise option as it is with mac desktop version. Please add this to wanted, needed features for the future. Thanks for your help.
  7. Sometimes I need to rework a shape, and instead of a smooth curve I need a curve on the one side, but a straight line on the other side of the node. So usually you would just delete or reset the one bezier handle, and you‘re done. But I can not find a way to do that. Is an option to do so available and I missed it, or what‘s the deal or workaround? Thanks! :-)
  8. But how to do that, if you got an already existing shape, as here my screenshot, and now you find out the need to delete handles, as I can do with designer desktop with the alt click? Is there an option for that? Imagine a much more complex shape, that you do not want to make new .......
  9. Here´s a movie using Designer desktop version on mac, making an alt click deletes the handle: nodes_01.mov
  10. Thanks DWright, ...... but now I can not drag a single bezier handle from these two edge nodes to modify the curve, and that is the point. Sometimes that one node on the right side of your video, is not enough to create the right curve, and there is need of fine adjusting that curve by using handles from the other two nodes.
  11. Sometimes I need to add some fx shadow fx, but the shape for that is already used in another combination. So the easiest way for me would be to use that same shape, but with no fill and no line, just to use it to add the wanted fx shadow to my graphic. But that does not seem to work. As soon as I click no fill ........ the fx is gone. Is there any way of doing this? Think about a transparent shape that has no influence on graphic, but gives me the chance to add fx with that shape? Would be very helpful if there´s an easy way of doing so! :-)
  12. Great to have this forum and guys that help! Yes!
  13. You´re the man, .......... but shame on me, never really noticed the object-opacity option at the bottom of the window! Where is the red cheek smilie? Super!
  14. Thanks for that, but I need also fx shadows like inner shadow, or 3D fx, so the black shape option does not work in such cases. :-)
  15. Working with photo and designer on Mac and on my iPads, and often got the feeling these apps are just too big, too much, too many options, to many filters, to many drop downs ....... If I would have a wish free, I would wish customizable versions of these app. So only the options you really need for special workflows are shown in the apps. Making the app much smaller, more compact, more clear, and so also better and faster to use, as much less scrolling, wiping .......... :-) Might be something impossible, what I am talking about, but that would also be something outstanding, no other app like photo and designer is offering. May be just a dream ....... but sometimes dreams start with a small idea!
  16. Hi, just updated Affinity Designer (and Photo) and tried the brush stabilisation with Designer in vector mode, does not seem to run smooth. My Mac is a 2012 mini 2,3 quad core, not the newest machine, but can´t imagine it has to do with the hardware. See the video, how it jumps ........ any other experiences about that? affinity_gehoppse.mov
  17. Hello, did not change anything. I becomes more visible when moving the mouse faster, and with a wider stroke set. For example set width to 8 points, and then try .........
  18. When switching stabilization off it works smooth as it did before update. When using pixel mode, its same smooth working as it is with Affinity Photo now. Happens only in vector mode and stab active.
  19. Hi, I am used to check color infos, as cmyk while working with filters, for example selective colors. On Affinity Photo mac version I can move my mouse around and see the color values live in info box. On the iPad version I did not find something like this up to now, the only way to find out specific color infos I found up to now is to use the the color picker, and check the selected color. This is not fast, and not live, and slows down the work pretty much. Am I missing something, or is it not possible in the moment getting live color infos while working on a photo? Also very helpful would that be when working on sensible options as white and grey balance. When I see the cmyk values I will know if its fine, or not. But with no info, just working visually ......... it is very hard for me. Any ideas about that? :-)
  20. Ok, that´s what I thought too, so thanks for info.
  21. For some actions macros work fine, but as soon as you don´t go with a macro, you may not forget to change a setting, again ......... and again. Remembering a setting when it is done is the better and safer way, working with macros or not. And imho it should be a standard in apps, remembering the last settings.
  22. Yes, that is the problem, and one may get the impression, the app is not build for daily working needs. There is often days, I have to work on some dozens of photos. Color, lighting, clarity, ...... but also cropping, and size changing. I also work with Keyboard Maestro on my mac, to improve my working speed, and on Photoshop I was able to get all things done by just some clicks with shortcuts. That is not possible with Affinity photo for most actions, where settings have to be the same as being used before. As the nonsense and often useless standard settings come back at once after each use and change. So I have to make all these settings dozens of times again and again, waste of time, and more and more this makes me angry about the app, so I do not want to use it anymore for these works. Productivity should be the first and most important point for the Affinity crew, ..... or as being said here before: The goal is not satisfying workers with this product, the goal is selling the app as much as possible, new options coming, but the old problems since the start of the app remain untouched the same. Or lets say it with some music, Status Quo: Again, again, again, again, ......... :-)

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