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  1. Very neat for colouring, lovely contours and a nice balance of detail and space - I just remember the boredom of colouring in the large areas when I was little! Fab :)
  2. You must have wondered about the man in the moon? Wanted to know more? I flew up there last October (31st) and had a chat to him, he gets bored but enjoys watching what we do. He has a very nice living accommodation and - I was surprised to learn - there are actually quite a few moon people up there, but this is the chief. He wouldn't allow photographs so I've reconstructed the scene for you with Affinity Designer. Enjoy :)
  3. Whatever it is, it's got a bit of a bite to it :D
  4. I don't have a lot of time just at the moment, but my passion is to take my own amateur photographs and extract elements from them to create a new scene. Three photos here from Dunham Massey where the groundsmen produce some stunning sculptures from the trees that are felled and left as "nursery' in the woodlands. Loving the ease of doing this, so uncomplicated. I must remember, though, to zoom in to check the details more often but, hey ho, there are only a certain number of hours in a day and this was quick and easy to do.
  5. I'll have a look in the lost property drawer in the morning, I think there might be something suitable :)
  6. Fab purple bunny, he has attitude! Yes, a gallery would be brill, very good stuff on here which is inspirational for us novices, it would be nice to have it more readily to hand, to learn from :)
  7. Love this work, all the detail without clutter, little things like the paint peeling at the bottom of the wall, and I LOVE those blue shoes!
  8. The eggs were a surprise - the thumbnails didn't really prepare me for all the eggcellent works of art that followed!
  9. That is one cute fluffy bunny, I can well imagine the amount of time it took to do the fur but the end result of the whole picture is of something that looks really tactile.
  10. Sunset

    AP Ducks

    hahahahahahahaha!!! I just fell off my chair!!!! Many thanks for the prize.................. ............................... ...................................... :D :D :D
  11. Sunset

    AP Ducks

    I made the lens myself out of a cardboard tube from a kitchen roll and some old magnifying glasses - very hi-tech :) Good idea, about sharing the sea, I shall have to sea about that..... leave it with me....
  12. Sunset

    AP Ducks

    That's a good idea, the Depth of Field filter, I shall have a go at that, perhaps I can get some "distance" into the picture. I was very impressed with the erase brush, though, it worked so well and so easily. Yes, the Isle of Man :) Photographed from Formby on 21st June 2014 as it was making its way out of Liverpool. This is the fleet's high speed craft, the Manannan, it doesn't run in the winter. (I love watching ships :D )
  13. Sunset

    AP Ducks

    The eagle-eyed amongst might notice that they are gulls, not ducks :lol:
  14. Sunset

    AP Ducks

    Two photographs, one of the ship and one, taken 30 miles away, of the duck. Put together with layers, the erase tool and the trackpad on the laptop (no mouse or tablet and pen for this, travel light :) ) I Used auto level on the ship photograph and the colour of the sea was a pretty good match for the water on the lake, and the controls on the erase brush are fab.
  15. Should just add, to, that I forget I've got a tablet and pen, I just use trackpad and fingers on the laptop to smooth all those edges, it's so responsive. :)
  16. Nice shading and the dome at the top of the plane body is really good. :)
  17. Good work with the lines and with the replication of elements, makes a very proficient and enjoyable piece.
  18. Purely for enjoyment, I photographed the crocus flowers in my front border this afternoon, used the selection brush to cut out one of the crocus and then used the lovely, lovely erase brush to tidy up the edges by reducing the hardness of the erase and sometimes the opacity. Then added the sleeping girl that I made in AD a little while ago and played around with erase and brushes to blend them together a little. Discovered the erase white paper filter along the way, too.
  19. I'm not going anywhere :) Just had a few winter ailments to contend with and spent more time on researching the family history. Next is to download some old photos and see what I can do with them.
  20. Noticed the difference in background colours - the thumbnail on the right has the correct background colour, background is a quickstep rectangle with a solid fill and opacity reduced. In the smaller jpeg export slice on the left it looks as if the opacity reduction has been "ignored" and the background is a solid fill at 100% opacity.
  21. A scrapbook page of a photograph of the Queen Victoria docked on the Mersey in Liverpool, it truly was a miserable day, sitting on the top deck of the Mersey Ferry with light showers of rain from a heavy sky, A grey day. If the only thing I ever used in Affinity Photo was the auto levels - top right picture is auto levels and auto white balance - it would be worth every penny as it improved the photo instantly without losing the integrity of the scene, the weather is still apparent, as I wished it to be. (But I have been playing with those fab tools as well on other pictures,,,,) The original photo was pretty low-res from my Flickr account and I have now learnt how to assemble various items onto a page, so I'm pretty much ready to try my usual stuff with Affinity Photo now :) PS I'm also getting better with the Mac and with Affinity export choices!!
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