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  1. Learning the Mac's ways of doing things has been an interesting little task and yesterday I got stuck into the Beta5. Using nothing but the trackpad (intuos4 in the other room...) I've been getting used to the interface, finding where things are and creating many of the basic building blocks of any design. When I joined I seem to remember a list of things that were still being worked on - brushes comes to mind (and I found the beta symbol after a while), so I don't need to report anything on them at the moment?
  2. This is the US link. I used them to upgrade the RAM on my Win7 machine about three years ago, they were very good. http://www.crucial.com/usa/en
  3. I wanted a 13" screen because it was much more affordable, but hubby said that I would hate it, it would be too small for me. So I got the 15" and it is really good. Just this once, hubby was right :) I really wanted the big desktop version with a very large monitor but just didn't have room for that at all, but that would have been my preference.
  4. All up and running, the Mac is a breeze to use and I like the new darker interface of the Affinity. Now on the learning curve :)
  5. Thanks, Sean :) Mine will be collectable either today or Thursday but I won't be switching from my Win7 desktop and Win8 laptop, it's going to be a separate "life". Daughter moves into her own house in two weeks time so, at last, I can make sweeping changes and have a proper office and start my new life (and we'll be able to visit daughter just down the road :) ). I'm really looking forward to Affinity even though I'm not particularly advanced with creating my own graphics (not like you - yet!).
  6. Thanks for the welcome, Andy! If you're sitting comfortably.....the MacBook Pro 15" with Retina Display. It had to be a laptop because my workhorse souped up desktop with decent sized monitor will still be my office computer, and I couldn't work with a smaller screen. And it's going to have to pay for itself, that's my motivation. I have a niece who designs and sells to Liberty, etc etc, so I have something to work towards (and we'll be able to discuss Macs, now). Also, I'll never give up CraftArtist but I'm well into the stage where I want to be working with my own original designs (aspirations for the DT shop??). Virginia Woolf famously said 'a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction' - this is what I've bought, a room of my own to create graphics. Can you tell that I'm excited :D :D :D ? Thanks for the link - bookmarked :) Hilary/Sunset
  7. Hi, I'm Hilary Hartigan, AKA sunset. I always said that when I retired I would buy a new (electric) piano. Yesterday hubby asked me which would I prefer, a piano or a Mac. Let's just say that the Mac will arrive in the next few days :) And, after working my way through Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.1. I am going to be a complete novice with the Mac. I'm a total fan of things Serif but I really need something new as 'I'm all scrapped out' (a CraftArtist expression) and I don't want to get left behind on a Windows-Shelf. This looks different and exciting and fresh. By trade I'm a part time lecturer (computing out in the community), a self employed publisher and designer (but looking to change tack), a family history researcher and recorder (nearly finished) and a lover of logic and order. I have a head overflowing with ideas :D and tons of ambitions :D . I hope that I can make a useful contribution :) Hilary/Sunset
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