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  1. fonts - no slow machine - yes icc profile - no I'm testing this beta on girlfriends laptop - a youtube/facebook 300€ machine, like I said 5400rpm hdd. Anyways the loading times are better that in previous beta but still takes 6sec to close even tho there's nothing open in AP. 1 question Mark: Like I said I'm testing this beta on my gf laptop, will I be able to install and transfer my licence on my new pc when I get it next year?
  2. Will have to test it today :) EDIT: I just tested the start time and after installation it take 1min to load the app :( same thing when I start my pc, second start is around 16sec. 5400rpm hdd tho... Still I belive these times can be a bit better.
  3. For sure. Easier on the ram and processor. Would be cool I think.
  4. Was thinking about that as well and yea, it would be cool.
  5. That idea crossed my mind as well, but it would mean only 1 app at the $100 price point which would turn some people off.
  6. A mod(persona) that would make affinity photo look like Procreate or Sketchable? For fast and easy drawing on a tablet? Also if possible a version for ARM windows version in the future :)
  7. I think that version for Windows on ARM would be a better thing
  8. Are there any plans to put out a version of affinity programs that will run on windows arm computers natively? http://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-announces-windows-10-arm?utm_medium=slider&utm_campaign=navigation&utm_source=wp I belive that a lot of tablets are on their way with arm + windows combo and if you can make a usable pro app for iPad, I think the same will be possible for windows running arm tablet.
  9. Hi Don The updates should be free untill v2.0 comes out which won't be anytime soon (still years ahead), but even then if you find that you don't need an of those features (v2.0) you can continue using your v1.x photo/designer.
  10. Tnx Meb. Nope, windows user here anyways it's great to hear, it would be even better if plug in developers put some effort in making their products compatible with Affinity Photo.
  11. How's the support now? Can we use all Niks plugins with AP?
  12. Downloaded, installed. As much as I can see the start up time is now 1/3 of what it used to be. Well done. Will play with the rest tomorrow.
  13. Takes a minute to load on my gf's laptop. This is a problem and I hope it gets fixed.
  14. I hope you include Serbia as well. Really want that book.
  15. I can't buy this book, cuz it can't be delivered to Serbia, hell now I can't even open the webpage for it. 1 Question (I might have someone from Germany to pick my copy) will we be able to chose the language between German and English if we order it from Germany? Tnx
  16. 1 Question for you guys: are you happy with the sales of Windows version so far? :) I mean is it as good as Mac version was?
  17. Would love to see Continuum supporting AD and AP UWP apps, would be great but yea, there's no real benefit to developers to make it up for those 30%.
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