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  1. It's more than clear that we, the windows users are a second grade citizens in Serifs new Apple centric business model. Reading their replies says it all.
  2. WoA can emulate x86(32bit) apps/programs (with a noticeable performance hit). The reason I ask this again is because according to Microsoft developers can compile their win32(64bit)/uwp programs using their new arm64 sdk to make them run natively with no to little additional work needed.
  3. Cuz that was almost 2 years ago.
  4. Are there any plans for arm version?
  5. Any plans on tutorial series on udemy or something? Amazing work as always btw.
  6. For sure. Easier on the ram and processor. Would be cool I think.
  7. Was thinking about that as well and yea, it would be cool.
  8. That idea crossed my mind as well, but it would mean only 1 app at the $100 price point which would turn some people off.
  9. A mod(persona) that would make affinity photo look like Procreate or Sketchable? For fast and easy drawing on a tablet? Also if possible a version for ARM windows version in the future :)
  10. I think that version for Windows on ARM would be a better thing
  11. Are there any plans to put out a version of affinity programs that will run on windows arm computers natively? http://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-announces-windows-10-arm?utm_medium=slider&utm_campaign=navigation&utm_source=wp I belive that a lot of tablets are on their way with arm + windows combo and if you can make a usable pro app for iPad, I think the same will be possible for windows running arm tablet.
  12. Hi Don The updates should be free untill v2.0 comes out which won't be anytime soon (still years ahead), but even then if you find that you don't need an of those features (v2.0) you can continue using your v1.x photo/designer.
  13. Tnx Meb. Nope, windows user here anyways it's great to hear, it would be even better if plug in developers put some effort in making their products compatible with Affinity Photo.
  14. How's the support now? Can we use all Niks plugins with AP?
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