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  1. I welcome the writing of a workbook for Affinity Designer. I am sure that this is a comprehensive well-written manual for those like me wanting to increase their understanding, however, there is one major snag that I feel I must point out for the benefit of newcomers to the art of design. For those, professional graphic artists I am sure there is no problem. This is the problem, there is no Glossary of specialist terms. Consequently, for those that are not familiar with the nomenclature used in such specialist fields suffer a severe disadvantage of not understanding relevant passages simply because they have no definition for the words used. So it would be a huge plus point if a Glossary was included in this workbook or any other workbook Affinity cares to produce. I subscribe to Computer Active Magazine, and they have a glossary of terms used in the Magazine. Are there going to workbooks for Affinity Photo and Publisher? I am finding it difficult to find definitions for some of the words. Anyone know a dictionary of Computer and digital graphical terms, please? Best wishes, Tim
  2. I have been stuck on this tutorial for the past two days and will be most grateful if someone could tell me where I am going wrong. My actions are: 1. Open the file "Ketchup for Blood." 2. Click on the top shape. 3. Hold down the shift key and click on the "Pear Shape." 4. Then combine the two shapes by clicking on the "Add" icon whilst holding down the "Alt" key. Step 4 is where it all goes wrong! As the top shape disappears becomes invisible. This is not the case in the video. But for the life of me, I don't know where I am going wrong!! I checked the layers panel, and sure enough there is a combined layer there, however, it is invisible in the workspace. Tim
  3. I have mine and now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the workbook.
  4. I have already purchased Affinity Designer for Windows through this Forum. Then on checking my email I found that I was offered the program for the same price but it included a lot of very useful extras that I don't think I got through the Forum. Support can you please tell me whether this is so and tell me how I can get the freebies? The program is a bit of a challenge for a 78 year old but I think I am getting there. I am also having a Ball with Affinity Photo for Windows Beta. Can you tell me when are you going to release the Beta DTP version? Regards, Tim
  5. Hi Alfred, thanks for your pointer to the work around. I am hoping that Serif will build this into the program at some time, as I am an amateur photographer and really need a functional facility. So at the moment I prefer Page Plus. You can probably tell I am just a hobbyist, not a Professional. Best wishes, Tim
  6. There appears to be no way of wrapping text around photos, or have I missed it somewhere? What is the situation here? If there is a way will someone tell me how? If not, then are there any plans to have this facility before Beta ends? Otherwise I will have to use PagePlus. Thanks, Tim.
  7. My Desktop PC will be going to our local IT man shortly for a while. I have The Beta Affinity Designer for windows installed on it. Is it permissible for me to install the program on my Laptop so I can continue with it please?
  8. DG 1947. You said your a/v was called Bulldog. You didn't happen to mean Bullguard did you? Aas I have never heard of Bulldog. I have Bullguard installed and so far no reports of viruses in connection with Beta Affinity Designer foe windows. I am very happy with Affinity Designer so far.
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