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  1. Where can one find these graphics nowadays? Cheers John
  2. With everybody's help in particular R C-R's explanation I have achieved what I set out to do. Once again and thank you all. Cheers John
  3. Wow, I thought there might of been a quick answer to this that I was missing, but nevertheless thanks to all for contributing I am very grateful. Cheers John
  4. Thanks to all for the speedy replies, I will give these suggestions a try. @NotMyFault Looks like a good way forward, however sadly but i am not sure how to action this separate curves (becomes invisible, choose outline view mode, or temporary apply stroke) Sorry I am in my mid 70's and nothing come easy nowadays. Thank you for the file. Cheers John
  5. Thanks to all for the speedy replies, I will give these suggestions a try. Cheers John
  6. Good afternoon. Using affinity photo or designer I would like to give the letter of this font an individual colour/flood fill for each letter and a I cannot see a way to achieve this. At the moment it is just an outline font (Agent orange) even when I convert it to curves I cannot see a way to flood colour in the letters. I would be grateful for any solutions please. Cheers John
  7. Thank you both for your suggestions Brian will try yours first if that does not deal with it I will look at the link that Paul provided. Cheers John
  8. Good afternoon to all. Sadly when I am drawing/painting on my iPad my hand leaves paint strokes whilst I am using my apple pencil. I have tried hold the pencil in a different position but this is proving to feel unnatural, are their any sort of gloves that are available to overcome this problem? Am I alone in experiencing this? Thank you John
  9. Thanks for the reply Dan. hopefully the developers can implement this. I would rather stay with Affinity.
  10. I have just started using Affinity designer on my iPad in preference to Procreate and I cannot seem to find a mesh grid within the program. Sadly for me its a necessary function as I do quite a lot of text manipulation. I have tried using Affinity photo to achieve what I want but with limited success. Is this feature missing or is it likely to be implemented, or should I abandon Affinity designer and install Procreate?
  11. I have just purchased the Ian Barnard's "Freestyler" pack from the Affinity store and reading the PDF manual it states "Draw a black letter using either SloppyJoe or Roughneck ‘Mono’ brushes". I cannot seem to find these. Can anybody point me in the right direction please. Update, I found these in the installed brush pack. Cheers John
  12. Thank you both will have a look at these to try. Cheers John
  13. I am creating a map in Affinity designer and I have several areas of wasteland that I wish to put a 45 degree hashed style in. sadly i cannot for the life of me see how to create such a style. or has anybody created any hatched styles? Anybody any suggestions on how to achieve this please?
  14. EmT thank you, I've been using the program like forever and there it was staring me in the face. Solved the issue, thanks for your speedy help. Cheers John
  15. I seem to inadvertently detached the tools toolbar and for the life of me I cannot see how to reattach the toolbar. Any help would be welcome. thank you John
  16. Thank you Paul. It was not even in my thoughts to use and look in the Export to PDF option, I was looking everywhere in the print menu and the programs preferences. It was obvious once you pointed it out so thank you. Cheers John
  17. Good afternoon. Is the a way one can get a newly created PDF document in Affinity Publisher to open automatically as a preview in the MS edge browser on win10 after you create/complete and save the PDF file please? I have an option to do this in Pageplus but I cannot find an option in Affinity Publisher. Cheers John
  18. Good afternoon. New PC arrived yesterday and I installed my 3 Affinity programs, when I try to log in and register the programs I get a time out message. Has anybody else had this problem? Cheers John
  19. Paul this is the logo I am trying to get a bevelled edge all the way round the outside. Cheers John
  20. Good morning Paul. Unfortunately the direction setting does not give me a 360 degree bevel on the doughnut. Cheers John
  21. I am trying to create an adjustable overall bevel on a doughnut in affinty Photo, but sadly when trying to use the Bevel and Emboss it only allows the effect in a certain direction. Can anybody suggest how I can achieve this effect please? Thank you John
  22. Good morning, a question if I may. I am in the process of changing to a windows 11 Desktop PC and wondering if any body can let me know the following please. I use Topaz AdjustAI along with Topaz B&W and Filter Forge 11 as plugins currently on my Win10 laptop. Does any else use any of these plugins and do they work Ok in APhoto purchased from the Serif store on Win11? Thank you John
  23. Good afternoon. I have a pageplus 85 booklet that I now propose to make a PDF of and continue to update overtime in publisher. The booklet in pageplus is from a booklet template a4 landscape which prints 2 pages of a5 on 1 a4 page in a booklet form is there a suitable template to use in publisher. Thank you john
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