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  1. Fascinating stuff. Can you elaborate on how you achieved this?
  2. Good morning. I was using the beta version of the program up until I purchased the release version. I notice that the beta is now a different version to mine. Am I still able to download the beta and use it alongside my purchased version. Many thanks John
  3. Thanks or the speedy reply and the link. Fingers crossed on the Vector fills.
  4. Sorry or posting, but I cannot find the roadmap for AD. Are customisable vector fills likely to be introduced into AD like the ability in Drawplus please? John
  5. Hi, is there any chance of cutting machines being able to be used with AD for windows such as a silhouette cameo in the future?
  6. Now I have the purchased Windows AD program. How will updates work? Will I still have my styles, brushes etc. rather than them being lost as has been the case when I have uploaded different versions of the beta. John
  7. Can I change the mode in AP beta, like I can in Photoplus?. In APbeta I have the Document/colour Format set to 8bit (RGB), and the FF filter still does not work. John
  8. Just upgraded to ver and filter forge 6 plugin not working. I take it this is not as yet supported by the program.
  9. Mine crashes also with the beta version. have sent report.
  10. This plugin does not appear to be working with the beta version. Has anybody else tried it yet? John
  11. My selection brush does not work. Any suggestions please? John. For some reason the add button had remained fixed! reloaded the program and all work ok now. :-)
  12. Great shot, You have sadly left out the info for the shot, such as location, camera, lens and settings etc. John
  13. I posted the solution in the hope that anyone else experiencing a similar problem would find it useful. John
  14. Update on this problem. Contacted HP support about the high CPU usage and they performed a BIOS update on my laptop and "Hurrah" program now works as sweet as a nut. So nothing to do with the program just my setup.
  15. Thanks for getting back its not only this file, and checking my task manager the HP support solutions framework is taking up 70% of my CPU. Would this be the cause. I do not know what this process is. John
  16. Good morning, i have the latest beta of AP for windows, and when loading a jpg of 5.5mb the program slows to a stop and I frequently get a messgae saying the program is not responding then after a short while the program resumes. I can open exactly the same file in PhotoplusX8 and work on it with no problems at all. Any explanation or help forthcoming would be grateful. John
  17. Great tutorials just wish there was speech to accompany them. John
  18. I posted the same question and was told that Remask 5 was not compatible with AP even with the mac version. However you can use remask 5 as a stand alone program. Hope that helps. John
  19. Thanks for this Alfred. How can I get the newly formed text frame to retain the colours. Eg a quick shape with a line coloured black 1.5pt. and a fill of orange Cheers John
  20. Thanks for the speedy reply, is the "issue" with the program or the plugin?
  21. It would appear that all my Topaz plugins appear to be working in the beta AP ok apart from one which is remask 5. I am presented with a message that informs me........ Cannot proceed the transparency is locked, please unlock the transparency. Can/how can I achieve this in the windows beta AP please? john
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