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  1. HI, Having posted this, I then searched under Eizo as I noticed that on my laptop screen the problem wasn't apparent. Low and behold the answer was in the forum already! Yes, I can see now that to use this with an external monitor I have to mirror display and open on the monitor. That's not the end of the world but would be better without this step Regards Tony
  2. I am glad i Finally found this posting. I have been pulling my hair out over this issue. Exactly the same problem with over saturated colours on the Eizo compared to Photoshop when opening files. Having now switched the display to mirror setting and opening affinity the colours are much closer to photoshop. Not ideal but it at least solves the issue. Tony
  3. Hi, I have searched for this answer but cannot locate it. When opening a psd file in Affinity, the colour shifts to a warm orange/red hue compared to photoshop. Exporting to photoshop is fine-it opens with the correct colours but open again in Affinity and the colours shift back again. The original file has Adobe RGB (1998) embedded I have checked preferences and this is also shown as the colour profile in Affinity. Its almost like it is applying a totally different colour space. Clearly I have missed something but don't know what Appreciate any advice Rgds Tony