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  1. Trying to save to my documents folder on an external drive, which is my usual place to keep all my drawings in progress.
  2. I find I am having the occasional need for a custom shape. So far I have made one and put it in my Assets folder for quick use, which has been serving nicely, but was wondering if it is possible to install it into Affinity Designer as a tool so it will appear in my tool fly out? I've been able to do that in some of my other design programs but the need has just surfaced since I have switched over to AD. No real problem if it is not possible as I can continue with my present set up but would like to find out if it can be done with this one. Thank you for any help/input.
  3. Thank you stokerg. I was afraid that was going to be the answer, but since having it in the Assets is working for me maybe this is why the developers made it this way. I think I only wanted to do it that way since I had always made and stored the shape in other programs. Ok then....on to other things and not worrying about it.
  4. My mistake....sorry. I thought you meant actually hit the keys for + and 1. I tend to take things literally. I did that while working on a piece in AD, and although it reduced the opacity , to my amazement it also checked the scale with object box, which is why I originally asked the question here among all the most knowledgeable users/developers of AD. I realize ...too late...that this is most likely... not at all what you meant. I'll back quietly out of the room now with a good sized blush on my face.
  5. thisldo

    200 Vector Gradients

    Very nice and your share is very much appreciated.
  6. thisldo

    Affinity Designer - Vector chocolate cake

    Oh my goodness....this is astoundingly realistic! You most certainly have this one mastered. I am in awe of your AD talent.
  7. thisldo

    Free Affinity Photo Brushes

    Love, love, love! Really appreciate your nice share....
  8. thisldo

    Rust Styles

    Thank you for the share! Very nice indeed.
  9. thisldo

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    Wow! Thanks for the heads up. I am heading there now.
  10. thisldo

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    I think I love you! Truly appreciate this wonderful share.
  11. thisldo

    Looking For A Particular Font

    ....and a very big thank you from me too Alfred. This is really nice for some of the kind of work I do.
  12. thisldo

    Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster

    Very nice brushes!
  13. thisldo


    Very useful indeed Angelize. A wonderful share at this time of the year. Most appreciated!
  14. thisldo

    Xmas Trees

    These trees are amazing v_kry. Thank you so much for sharing!
  15. thisldo

    Grass brush for AP - updated to v.0.2

    Oh my, these are such wonderful brushes. Thank you so very much for sharing with everyone.
  16. thisldo

    Introducing KAEV's Christmas Styles Sampler

    Wonderful share! Much appreciated Eduardo.
  17. thisldo

    Xmas texture styles 1+2

    Fantastic share.....and very timely! Will most definitely be using some of these. Thank you so much.
  18. thisldo

    Freebie brush download

    Yes, I d/led it and installed and just used it for some definition on a character I am making. Maybe not as artistic as you may have envisioned but it served my purposes nicely. Thank you for sharing.
  19. thisldo

    Designia Neon Styles

    Thank you for sharing this nice collection of neon styles Designia.
  20. thisldo

    Designia Fill Styles - Collection 1

    Very much appreciate the share Designia. Kinda like a grab bag since the thumbs do not show but I'm sure they will be very useful. Thanks again.
  21. thisldo

    Paint Brush Texture Sets 1 & 2

    Wow! Your amazing brushes are so neat and your generosity in sharing them is very much appreciated.
  22. thisldo

    Vegetation Brushes Set 2

    ....and you've done it once again Stuart! Created some stunning brushes. Thanks again for sharing with us. Very appreciated!
  23. thisldo

    Vegetation Brushes Set 1

    Thanks for sharing these super brushes! I appreciate your generosity.
  24. thisldo

    Pattern Brush Packs

    Thanks so much for this fantastic share Stuart. Very useful and timely as I have a project going now that needed just this. I am so appreciative.
  25. thisldo

    Knock on Wood Styles

    Thanks for the share!