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  1. Hello, Lately, I am trying to export a artboard, in either PDF or EPS format, and it automatically adds a white background. My creation has white letters and I need to export it without white background. I did not have this issue before. Many thanks Alex
  2. Hello, Thank you so much for responding, obrigado! I have uploaded the file, prefixed with alxndr- Thanks Alexandru
  3. Hi, I am trying to reopen a file that is located on Apple iCloud drive. I also copied the file to Desktop but the same error occurs. The error is below, same one for either the iCloud or Desktop version: I am sure it is a bug since I have worked on it for at least one month without any issue. It contains a ongoing project work, I need help in recovering it. IT has about 180MB and it can't be uploaded here due to the single file size of 20MB. Thank you Alexandru
  4. Hi, I worked on the file for one month now. Just closed the program and reopened for modifications, and I got this error. I am saving it usually on iDrive, but I copied on the Desktop, for checking. Same error. I saw that there were in the past issues, can I send the file to help me work on it? Failed to open document /Users/alxndr/Desktop/OSB-21.03.2016-MASTER.afdesign The file appears to be corrupted.