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  1. Hi, Not sure I have seen this feature request anywhere but as a designer, I heavily use this feature. I know you can create styles but it's not the same feature and not as fast as copy/paste. You don't want to save all the FX you create. :) Thanks !
  2. Well, I was just going by to see if this feature was somewhere because it's so basic that I couldn't believe a ON/OFF switch for FX didn't exist. You do realize that the only a few people do take the TIME to register to a forum to do feature request? So your "no one mentioned it again" is so disrespectful to those doing it... Feel free to think that nobody wants it, but every designer I see trying Designer ditch it after a few minutes when they see stuff like that is missing...
  3. Hi, Unless I miss something, I think the text workflow could be improved. Right now I always struggle when I finished typing the text. Enter do a carrier return, Escape doesn't do anything and clicking outside the text create a new one. What are you supposed to do once you have finished to type your text ??? Also, I think it would be very helpful to add the text color into the text tool and not having to switch to the pencil to change it. Thanks :)
  4. While Serif is sleeping and providing bugged iOS 11 UI elements, Sketch teamed up with Apple to get the always up-to-date iOS UI Elements and just released a new one for macOS. https://sketchapp.com/libraries/mac When will Serif wake up? We do not know. Until then, Affinity Designer is still not competitive against Photoshop (full UI widgets provided by Apple in PSD but not compatible with Affinity), Sketch or Paintcode which allows you to use your UI straight in your App. Yup, the tone is a little sarcastic, but those issues have been raised all the time, ignored by the forum staff and Serif. It’s not much to do, but seems that nobody is willing to do the extra step to be competitive again. Sketch is clearly widening the gap with all it’s productivity tools. ++
  5. I use this app since the first betas and have done my fair share of more polite tones. It doesn't happen by itself of spontaneously. It's a result. So far nothing improved, years passed, features get ignored and dev when they reply ignore the reality of designers and get defensive about the fact that their product managers ask them to do features that are conflicting each others. On top of that, they over market buggy features as production ready. I am not alone and a lot of threads are complaining about the serif ways of not listening and / or being arrogant / dimissive. On my side I made my company purchases multiple licenses of affinity on Mac last year and we still never got our final software and are stuck with old versions (1.5) without any roadmap or date to when we will finally get what we paid for. As a customer, I am just tired to hear the "it's not like that inside" stories. Same crap when Apple release laptops with bad keyboards. Finding excuses. Every. Single. Time. IDC. We pay for a service and whatever is happening inside doesn't change the result we get. And communication with customers is also the responsability of a company anyway. So if they do a bad job at it, too bad, still their problems. So please, before judging others, apply your advise to yourself. You don't know the background of ppl posting here. Thanks
  6. Hi, Some iOS 10 assets are provided by Affinity Designer but they are incomplete, using an outdated Font (SF UI Text instead of SF Pro) and not providing upcoming OSes like iOS 11. Right now, Apple provides all the latest designs here: https://developer.apple.com/design/resources/ However, they are providing it for Sketch, Adobe PS or Adobe XD. While Affinity Designer is able to open the PSD files (with some warnings), it is useless for any UI work as it's loading pixel layers instead of vector layers. So in order to compete with existing UI design tools, Affinity Designer should either be able to import PSD documents provided by Apple correctly or provide it's own full and up-to-date UIKit assets. This is limiting the use of Affinity Designer a lot for mobile designers as recreating all standard widgets is time consuming and making the price of Affinity Designer non competitive (a few hours to create the missing UI elements * hourly rates = a lot more than buying Sketch). I bet that Android designers would want full material assets too. Please consider making Affinity Designer more competitive for the UI Design market. Cheers PS: another alternative would be to request Apple to add the affinity designer file format to the list provided. Good luck with that. But you won some ADA, so may be they would listen
  7. Hi, The iOS 11 assets provided with Affinity Designer are not correct. Just create a new art-board with iPhone X size, then pick an iPhone X tab bar or status bar or whatever and it's not at the correct size. On top of this, resizing doesn't resize correctly as separators do not grow and/or content inside like tab bar icons do not grow in size. I thought that constraints were added to avoid this kind of issue. Pls fix...
  8. Hi, Affinity Designer is not able to open Apple's PSD correctly. https://developer.apple.com/design/resources/ Instead everything is shown as unusable raw pixels layers. Again, Affinity is not making it easy for UI Designers... Wrong iOS 11 assets, can't open PSDs as vectors, not ready for primetime.
  9. Ok. Well then, Affinity should provide correct iOS 11 assets to counter this.
  10. Dams

    iOS 11 Assets not correct

    TBH I don't even understand for which iPhone those Assets were designed. Not a single artboard iPhone resolution matches those items.
  11. Dams

    Background blur?

    Hi, I agree with this request. iOS UI relies heavily on blurred background. Affinity Designer needs this feature to be able to compete with other tools on the UI side.
  12. I add my +1 here. You need to be able to filter layers by name. Affinity is lagging behind the market in terms of automatisation of the workflow.
  13. Dams

    Affinity Designer - Scrolling Grids?

    This should never have passed QA or even be advertised on your website as a feature. It just plain doesn't work. Every *single time* I try to use Affinity for anything, my workflow is plagued by bugs or bad usability like the move by whole pixel stuff craziness. Every *single time* after launching Affinity Designer, I end up wasting my time reporting bugs or finding it's a known issue which patch will be release at no given date. I am a beta user since your first public version and I must say that Affinity continues to disappoint years after years. When I see the issue we have at work with just licensing your software and those bugs, I really start to wonder if there is any leadership or product manager at Affinity. You do realize that most people don't care about adding new features if the basics are not working? Grid_Useless.mov Grid_Useless_2.mov
  14. Hey, Not sure if I missed it or the feature is missing but seems there is no vertical layout for Frame Text Tool. Would be great to have centering options there: top, center, bottom. :)
  15. Hi, Right now when you copy paste layers from the same or another file, the paste is always done at the same coordinate as the original object. Which can be good if the file is the same size, but in UI design you usually have a library and copy/paste between files and big files. This become a nightmare very fast. I spent my time scrolling all the time to the top of the file (13,000px) just to be able to position the object I just past. Please add an option to paste the object in the center of the screen instead of an absolute position in the file itself. Thanks :)
  16. Hi, Following the previous request, one thing missing in Affinity Designer and present in most competing products: a mobile App to view design live on the device. As I know you have the skills to make Apps, it would be helpful to create a viewer App on iOS which allows to see the design from Affinity Designer on iPhone and iPad (and Watch?) and tweak it live. Cheers
  17. Yes please, an article would be useful. However, I still think that presets should be correctly set and corrected in future updates to avoid confusion. Cheers.
  18. Because I don't want to explain endlessly to our new team member the work arounds? To get something that works by default with the presets provided by the App? To get a tool optimised on UI design so I don't waste my time skimming forums to get basic things working like aligning pixels? So I can use a grid system based with pixel perfect UI? Affinity made the choice to create a jack of all trade tool. Like said earlier, all requirements given to devs are conflicting with each others. But UI designers do not care about other jobs or internal issue created by product managers, they just want their job done. They are plenty of way to solve this problem like creating specific modes or persona for each job, but nope. You get a confusing UI with mixed vocabulary from all jobs which nobody interpret the same way. For now, Affinity is still a pain to work with in UI and the pixel alignment is just one of them. I could say add more on symbols, the lack of plugins that all the industry is using, the fact that Apple is also providing their UI elements for PS and Sketch only, etc... This is just sad because on a lot of ways, Affinity is really good, but the issue is that the really good stuff is high level while the basics are not covered. Also the way of Affinity handles customer feedbacks is starting to get on my nerves. A product is also a relationship with the company and trust. I left Adobe for this exact reason. Seeing Affinity states everything is simple while their customers says it's not is just showing no introspection at any level. A very bad signs. Tschüss
  19. Guys, the App is overly complex. Like him, I just create a new file, set it to UI design and Snap to grid is set by Affinity by defaults. So Affinity provides wrong presets and nobody seems to think it's something to fix? We are your customers. Not some geeks using open source software done by volunteers. I want to do UI Design, I should create a new file and pick UI Design preset and be done. If presets set the App to an incorrect setup, then Affinity is to blame and should reconsider their way to address their customer needs. This App is not new anymore and should be mature. Yet, every designer I meet has crazy issue on a simple thing: aligning pixel which is the basics of UI design. UI Design is done with grid system. So how disabling snap to grid is even a correct fix for anything? How can anybody at Affinity think that move by whole pixel is not assuming that everything should be integer values when ALL your customers do. There is a serious gap between the ivory tower at Affinity and the real world of professional. It just feels like the grid and the pixel alignment features were done independently and it was discover at the shipping time that they don't work together correctly. What Affinity should say is "We are going to fix this and in the meantime, those are the short term fixes you can do to mitigate the problem". Instead we get a Steve Jobs like reply "You are using it wrong". Sorry for the tone of the reply but I am an affinity customer since day one, I used all the beta and purchased it directly when it was released and this should be a solved problem by now. Instead, everybody is still arguing on the forum while no product manager is doing anything to fix the issue. As a result, I am now considering to purchase Sketch despite I didn't want to.
  20. Hi, I am trying to export a SVG to another SVG after some modification. Affinity Designer just totally fail at the task and create a pixelated version which defeat the purpose of vector. It's actually so bad that it looks like pixel art. I have the files to test if you want but won't attach them on a public forum. Thanks
  21. I +1 this request. I have shown Affinity Designer to designers at my new job (nobody knew it BTW). They all loved it but the deal breaker is no invision plugin they use today with Sketch. It saves them so much time that they are not willing to switch even if they saw that Affinity was better in a lot of way than Sketch. The ball is in your court now. Your move.
  22. Hey, May be I am missing it but I have a really huge document that I am slipping in multiple part so you have a one big view, but they are then sliced in smaller views that can be printed more easily. Right now I only see slice export in pic format for the slice. And in the export options, the PDF document option is "everything" only. Is there any way to either add a slice selection in the PDF export or add the PDF format in the slice export tool ? Thanks :)
  23. Hi, there is a bug in the export of the whole document with the PDF (for export) format: the pages are ordered in the reverse order of the layers. The layer on the top which is supposed to be the first end up by the last and vice versa. Thanks