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  1. Hi, if i duplicate an entire Artboard which contains Symbols, the Layers / Objects loose its Symbol-Status on the new duplicated Artboard. The Orange Indicator is gone and they are not linked with the Symbols on the original Artboard. If i copy & paste the Artboard, the Symbols are also copied. But copy & paste with a large Layout takes way longer then just duplicate the Artboard. If the Symbols are duplicated within the same Artboard it works, but not if the entire Artboard is duplicated. In the past it worked, maybe it is a new Bug...
  2. The Problem still exist... its not possible to export gifs or png8 with white Backgrounds, without that noise or strange patterns. If the background is plain white and nothing else in the document, the white stays white. But as soon there is something else, the pattern appears. (Example attached, need to zoom in to see the noise and straight lines) Regardless of Mac or Windows-Version of AD. Affinity Photo has the same problem. Tried the same in Photoshop, and the white stays white, even with dithering. We use AD for Weblayouts and Exports, so png8 is needed, please fix this. Thanks
  3. Hi, a great feature in terms of compatibility would be editable Text in PSD-Export. I try to make the switch to do my Website and UI Layouts in Affinity Designer, but often I need to send the Files to someone else who dont have AD. When I export the Layouts to a PSD, all the Folders and Shapes stay editable but the main important Element, the Text, get rastered. So it would be great if the Textboxes stayed editable in PSD Export.
  4. Hi, at the moment it is possible to place an external Designer-File and embedded it in the Document. But then the File is embedded within the Document. Changes of the external File doesn´t appear. A placing Option like in InDesign or Word would be nice, where you can choose if you want to embed or link the File, you want to place. Changes in the external File would also appear in the Document where it is included if linked. Maybe your working on such a Feature already for the Affinity Publisher ;-) When I edit the embedded File / Layer, there is also no option to save that as a new Document. (In Photoshop you can Save a Smart-Object as new PSD-File if needed.) For now its only possible to copy the Content, create a new Document and paste it there, if I want to get the Content out of a embedded File. Thanks for your great Work... Can´t wait to get the Symbols-Function for Designer ;-)
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