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  1. Thank you so much!!! This is the perfect solution and so EASY! I did try using the Character features to adjust the spacing but that didn't work. Just could NOT get the text perfect. I just now tried the justified text (brilliant idea) and it did the trick!! Thanks to all who made suggestions - it's good to know one can always get help here. And again, a huge thanks to A_B_C for the perfect solution!!! I am a happy camper!
  2. On the AD Welcome screen, there are images made by various artists. There is a little "cloud" next to each one so you can download them and take a better look at see how things were done. I have clicked on several different ones to download. When I do, the rim around the image turns purple, the little "cloud" disappears. My question is, to where are the files downloaded? There is no pop-up message asking where to save them. They are not in my download folder, and they are not in another folder where most of my downloads are. I can't do a search because I don't know the file name
  3. I was putting text around an ellipse in Affinity Desiger but cannot get the text to "connect" back at the beginning. For example, I wanted to use the upper case letter "T" to go all the way around the ellipse. When I get back to the beginning, the last letter leaves a gap. I tried it again with the letter "o" and had the same results. My question is, how do I close the gap. I have moved the beginning and ending "markers" on top of one another but still get the gap. I've added two images here so you can see what I mean.
  4. Thank you, thank you for the awesome brushes!! Hearts are good at any time!! They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!!
  5. Well, if nothing else, this post provided a little food for thought. This might eventually become a feature in AP or AD that can be used with ease. Things like this are what cause features to be added, especially if they are not easily done in other programs. Always nice to beat the competition!
  6. Thanks for explaining it but.... unfortunately, I am not a Photo user. I use Designer. I have the program but do not know how to use it and at the moment, don't have the time for it. There is a tutorial on YouTube that someone wrote on making seamless tiles in Designer. I tried it but didn't get very far because it has no audio and the cursor moves faster than I can keep up with it, even with the video slowed down.
  7. Okay, are you going to let us in on the secret? Your results look pretty good!
  8. John, thanks for your efforts but I do not use Photo. I believe the program I use to create seamless tiled images uses the same method as you show, but it's all automatic. I like automatic.
  9. Alfred, you have a very good memory. Yes, PIRCnet.com did derive from PhotoImpact back in the last century. Once that was discontinued, we changed to PaintShopPro but none of us liked it. We eventually found DrawPlus and loved it. But, we all know what happened to that. So now, we are an Affinity forum and hope to stay that way for a long time to come. In PhotoImpact, you open your pattern, drag a selection line around the area you want to keep for your pattern, then select the Seamless Tile option. PhotoImpact opens a window with suggested values that you can change, or not. Click
  10. Yes, that's exactly what I want. There was an oldie by Ulead called PhotoImpact. It was purchased by Corel around 2008 and since Corel also sells PaintShopPro, they discontinued PhotoImpact which eliminated some of the competition. That was a shame because PhotoImpact was a far better program. There was also a filter that worked with the older programs that did it as well. This works very well for most images, especially those used for background images. I do have Affinity Photo but have only opened it a few times. Haven't had time to learn my way around nor the motivation since I h
  11. I think we're all on a different page here. Maybe I wasn't clear enough with what I meant. As I said, I have a bunch of tiles that are not seamless so they can't be used as a background for something like a web page. In my old graphic program (which was discontinued 10 years ago), I could make a tile seamless with the click of a button. I still fall back on that program when I need to but I would like to be able to do the same thing in Affinity Designer. I am attaching a sample of what I mean. The larger image is the original (not seamless) and the second one is one that has been tiled.
  12. Alfred, any chance you could do a quick sample with pictures to show how to get the seamless tile? I really did try but I was totally lost and would love to know how to do that. I have a number of nice patterns but they are not seamless.
  13. Oh wow! Lots of GREAT textures!! Thanks, Stuart! Was nice of you to share them with us!
  14. OH, I see. There are two different threads going around about cheat sheets but they are different things. I see that now. Yours is an actual keyboard image and since you made and posted it, Thanks for sharing! Things like this are always very helpful. The other thread with links to a cheat sheet has images of all the shortcuts from the back of the workbooks. These are the ones I'm concerned. I don't want to pass around links unless I know it's okay to do so. Thanks for clarifying this.
  15. These cheat sheets are directly from the workbooks which is why I question if it's really okay to use. They are copyrighted and says that right in the workbooks. Can someone please verify that it is okay to post these?
  16. I was just going to ask that same question. Someone posted the link to them on my forum but I took it down because they are from the workbooks which say they may not be shared without permission. We are very strict about links to copyrighted materials so would like clarification on this.
  17. Myself, I prefer written tutorials. I can go back and re-read what I don't understand and do it again until I do. With videos, I spend far too much time backing up the video because I either didn't see how the author did something or there is no voice to tell me, and then there are people who have a heavy accent which makes it a bit difficult to understand. The written word takes care of all those problems. There's one video tut writer (don't recall his name) but he has an accent and tends to lower his voice when saying the last 3-4 words. So, I have to back it up again, usually several ti
  18. Thanks for the awesome brushes!!! It's really great that you are just giving them away!! One doesn't get many good freebies these days so yours are greatly appreciated!!
  19. That's the problem with the tabs, they do blend together which makes it hard to see what you're doing. A nice edge around each tab would be a huge help. Put a black line around them if you're using the light interface and just the opposite if using the dark one.
  20. I did download the beta and loved the color. I'm used to working on the lighter color interface. I really dislike the black. It's so hard on the eyes. Looking forward to the new release so I can dig in and enjoy the program! Would be nice if they did something with the tabs - maybe an outline around each one. That would help a LOT!
  21. The only option I can find in the preference is the dark interface. The lighter one is in the beta and I'm not using the beta.
  22. I would think they would have the same actions in Photo as they do in Designer. It's hard to work one way in one program, then have to do it different in the other. I have never seen a graphic program where I couldn't move something off the document area. Why give you such a large area around the document if it's not usable space? I do hope they change that.
  23. I would like to see some kind of a contrasting color on the tabs so you can actually see them. The dark interface and the tab colors are so much alike that it's hard to see. One shouldn't have to work so hard just to see which tab is which. Maybe make the tabs all white with black text?
  24. When using Affinity Designer, I can move things from the document to the workspace and still see them if I press the \ key which toggles it off and on. In Affinity Photo, that doesn't work. Is that a bug? I often import multiple objects into my document so I can try different things. For those I don't want to use at the moment, I drag them into the workspace where I can still see them. Why can't I do this in Photo?
  25. I am having a problem with the "insert" options and think I may have found a bug. Try these steps and see if you get the same results I got. 1. Make sure your interface is open full so you can see ALL of the icons on the toolbar. 2. Draw out a rectangle or ellipse in a color of your choice. 3. Select the Brush tool, pick any brush and brush color. 4. Choose "Insert inside the selection" from the visible options on the toolbar. 5. Paint some lines inside the object. This should work perfectly - you should be able to "paint" inside the image. If you had selected Insert Behind or Inser
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