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  1. Yes, those are the settings I can contribute some more observations, but not solutions. Years ago I observed Apple Photos copying files from iPhone to computer out of order taken, so I thought perhaps the window here is sorting based on file creation date (to high precision). But apparently not. In Finder, under the cog one can choose View Options and get a window, labeled in the title bar by sidebar folder, that lets you choose Group and Sort separately. Apparently a 2-level sort. Perhaps there's a fix in there if one can understand what is meant. A side issue, but I think some Finder style windows (in Finder or an app) allow one to reverse sort. Why not all? Not even sure this is true, but I once had the impression that the behavior of an app Finder-style directory window was changing based on changing settings in Finder. Happy to try any experiments you suggest if time permits.
  2. This is a change in behavior within the last few days. (The period might have included an upgrade from OS 10.14.5 to .6.) I export iPhone files from Apple Photos to a working directory from which, to choose a sequence to stitch, I usually display files sorted by Name ("Group Items by" in the window's icon's terminology). Ordinarily I can then scroll to the IMG_nnnn.jpg files sorted numerically. Today they did not sort correctly by name; the recently exported were grouped roughly together but not in numerical order. Initially they were increasing but scrambled. After switching to different sort choices they ended up in the decreasing order shown in the screen shot, with the recently exported ones at the top. After choosing different sort/group by options, Name now always returns to this screen. Sorting is correct if I choose Show items as List rather than Show items as Columns, so I can still operate the program, but does anyone have an idea why something so basic does not seem to work? I did a full reboot, but the behavior does not change.
  3. I'll digest this tomorrow, but will just note that the motivation for needing this rapid search is that since the introduction of AP I have been exporting quite a few files from Photos to a working directory, and it would be nice to know if I had already done that rather than searching the working directory, since the sorting function (Group) does not always seem to work the way I think it should . If the file is not there, I could copy from the master, do my thing, export to Working and reimport to the library under a different file name. I know that it has been made easier to go directly from Photos to AP since I established that practice, but I just don't have time to master all the intricacies. I will manage fine, and thanks for writing at length.
  4. Deleted the iPhoto library, which naturally no longer is searched. But to my surprise, the Photos library is not searched. I guess I don't need that ability much, but would appreciate if someone has an idea to restore that. I had thought that this library search was a new feature of 1.7. Thanks to all for the suggestions; problems were solved, and something learned.
  5. I'll work on this and get back later. FWIW, this is not Spotlight Search but the bottom of the window I get in AP 1.7 when I do File .. Open ..type in '0533' in the search window (with current settings) and highlight that particular file to show the path. The Share folder was set up so long ago that I can't recall the motivation. Nothing has been done with the iPhoto library since I moved everything over to Photos back in - what - 2010? So deleting it should be no problem.
  6. The more one looks, the more odd corners turn up. If you press '+' in the window you get dozens of search criteria of possible and unlikely usefulness (e.g., Garage Band). And while we are chatting, is there a programmer's name for this window that is akin to a Finder window inside an app but may have different properties depending on various settings or even the app itself?
  7. It's buried in an iPhoto library (screen grab), which is the only one my search sees, not the 'system library.' I don't know why this is in 'Shared'; that was created ages ago. Any suggestion for a quick fix?
  8. Wow, Apple's buried preferences! Thanks for that, which worked on one try. I didn't know Spotlight was so involved in Finder. So, wise one, is there any way to tell it not to look at the many-sub-sub Thumbnails folder in the library since I don't usually want to open them? And, on your previous suggestion, the Photos Preferences General tab shows the correct Photos library after Library Location, but the button Use as System Photo Library is grayed out.
  9. It's a Time Machine backup. That I have never backed up from. Maybe there's another setting somewhere.
  10. I'll do some experimenting and report back on what I find. But why should Search This Mac also search the backup drive?
  11. I love it that searching for an image string is so fast and brings up possible image stuff from everywhere and shows the whole path below BUT why does it show my iPhoto library originals and not my Photos library ones? The latter is what I use now. Is there a way to set it not to show my backup drive files unless I want it to, and not show PDFs if I want? Because of repetition of autoassigned image numbers (IMG_nnnn.jpg) and the issues above,, it takes considerable looking to identify the particular image I want.
  12. Making panoramas and keeping them in the Apple Photos space requires exporting the individual pictures, stitching, editing, and reimporting. The current software allows us to easily move all the pictures into AP, so it should not take much coding to simplify the process and eliminate/automate the exporting and reimporting.
  13. Apologies to Lance_G, this does not answer your question directly, but there is a recently posted series of videos on YouTube by D. Straker that covers frequency separation in Affinity Photo. The most technical one ("How It Works, In Detail!") shows, with excellent visuals, how the step-by-step process works for RGB images. The following link gets you to the series, or search for "InAffinity" and "Frequency Separation." (I have not viewed the more basic videos.)
  14. That works, though I had to force quit and relaunch a locked-up AP 1.6.7.
  15. Well the icon change didn't happen on the first beta install and failure to run a month or more ago. It happened just now, with no further attempted beta install. The history is rather hard to recover, but I may still have an old installer in my trash. I will write this up again for the beta thread, but it did not get resolved the previous time. Looking through the trash, the original unrunnable beta was dated December 2018. As I scrolled through files in the trash, they all (of every type) came up with the square beta logo, which in a few seconds switched to a more appropriate one.Anyway, I will write up this tomorrow.

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