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  1. So I have a logo in afdesign format, I drag it into Publisher and, since I like to keep my design eleements tidy, I try to add it to an assets subcategory. I already know I can do this with the PNG version of the same logo, but it seems you can't do so with a Designer file. What's going on here? I've already complained about how opaque the processes seem to be to maintain libraries, stores or whatever you want to call them. Would someoen like to explain Serif Affinity's rationale here?
  2. If I were a bookmaker I'd start taking bets on this at 1000:1 against it happening any time soon. My guess is that the target user is using InDesign.
  3. So, Affinity Publisher contains no text editor. That wouldn't be too bad if you could easily exprt to an external text editor, edit text, check word count etc and import it back into AP. Can you export text from AP? I haven't found that feature yet.
  4. Thank you Wosven. That handily reminded me that I never understood SVG files. I didn't appreciate it was one of those "container" formats, i.e. not really a "vector format" as such.
  5. I found this a right palaver. The options are all there, of course, but the way to use them is non-obvious. Topic for a tutorial, perhaps? And, once again, surely anyone who does work for organisations has to bring in "house styles" - so that would be fonts, of course, simple graphics etc. You really do want to be up and running quickly with stuff like that once past the beta stage.
  6. Well, I still don't know why that didn't work but I later discovered that converting the DrawPlus file to curves beforehand produced a smaller svg file that Designer can read.
  7. I have created an svg file (in DrawPlus, as it happens) and am seeking to import it into Designer. There appears to be a couple of hundred k of content, but the file is empty when viewed in Designer. I've repeated the exercise several times, but with the same result. What's up, Doc? CASEnotes logo 2018.svg
  8. Yes, woefi, that's exactly what I mean. I guess you don't often use long text passages or they have already been fully edited?
  9. I produce newsletters and flyers where I am generally both the text editor and the layout creator, as well as the designer of simple graphics. So I use the DTP programme as a way of bringing together content - text, pictures, graphics etc. This makes it important to have an effective filing system for those elements, particularly if you periodically re-use them. In Affinity Publisher, I see a panel marked "Assets" but it appears to be prepopulated with stuff that may be familiar to Mac users but baffles me. I appreciate Affinity Publisher is only a beta, but what are the plans for storage
  10. I need to place and edit text and it is almost always going to arrive in a docx file. I know this ie Beta, but shall I just go away until support has been added for Word documents? I mean, seriously, who ever uses rtf for more than a few words lifted from the 'net?
  11. I haven't tried it myself, but PagePlus X9 has an add-on called bookplus which appears to do the job. I doubt if you'll find cheaper or better. Paul
  12. Thanks, MEB. This has reminded me that I don't entirely "get" the concept of artboards. Which is to say, I don't yet know for which problems the solution is artboard.
  13. I'm used to old Serif ways of thinking, so can anybody straighten me out on this Affinity Designer problem? I imported a wide jpg as a tracing template. SUbsequently, I changed the layout to a rough square, but I'm stuck with the wider format. I want to trim this to fit the actual graphic which only takes up half the "canvass". I can't for the life of me see how Designer allows you to do this, although it seems such a basic task. Help!
  14. Thank you all - Toltec, Callum etc - for your generous and helpful responses. One thing I have learned is that it is too easy to accidentally change the shape of arrows when just intending to change their angle or length. But I'm getting there.
  15. I'm used to Serif DrawPlus, so I tried drawing arrows with the pen tool before realising that the shape tool was suitable. Unfortunately, it seems difficult to draw arrows consistently, particularly to get the arrow heads the same. So I can see that two arrows whose properties I have tried to match, don't. I know, I thought, I'll create a style! Tried that, can't see any confirmation that one has been created or any way of retrieving a saved one. Harrumph!
  16. So AP has no ability to use a scanner? Grief. FOrtunately, I still have PhotoPlus 5which I think was the last Serif programme able to do the job. Bleah!
  17. Tragic loss. I will probably use WebPlus until it fails for some reason and just give up website managment, even at the low level that I do it now.
  18. You and me both, mate. And I've been using graphics programmes for over 20 years.
  19. Windows folk are definitely weird, but Apple Addicts must live in a world of their own. (Now, how's that for trouble-making?)
  20. I have completely avoided Apple products for decades, but I think they have a hold on the mentality of people in publishing which goes beyond rationality and is now very entrenched. My guess is that Affinity/Serif knows that an outsider needs to win friends and advocates to get seen/heard and, sadly, us Windows-using folk just aren't heard in those quarters. Look on the bright side "early isn't necessarily good". The Brits pretty much invented rail but everyone else learnt from our (expensive) mistakes.
  21. I've been using various image programmes for over 30 years, but I only use paiting photo programmes when I have to. For some reason I have never understood why every design makes you promote/duplicate a "background layer" before you can do anything with it. What conceivable use to anyone is an unedictable background layer? Why not have it already promoted/duplicated as the default? I just thought that, with Affinity being pretty much a clean start, someone might want to consider it...
  22. There seem to be quite a few "manipulate a vector shape" tools/effects that don't exiswt in AD. Perspective might be another. I'm not under any commercial pressure and generally happy to learn a new way to achieve a similar effect with a new software version, but I rather fear that AD doesn't aim to do this. If someone was really keen, I'd be intrigued to see "Coca-Cola" can in both programmes, i.e. how you draw a cylinder, view it from a particular angle and then wrap a design around it. In other words, the sort of image you see all the time in commercial art but which is far from easy to a
  23. I'm a DrawPlus user and I can't see how you cut a vector object into parts. What am I missing?
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