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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from William Overington in I typed This is a test and got This is a Test   
    @William Overington
    As @MikeW wrote: Edit>Preferences>Auto Correct, second item.
    See the screenshot below

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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from anon2 in Function request: Create a rectangle around the workspace.   
    @MikeW I wholeheartedly agree with your comment on the word "demand", but I wonder whether the OP's use of that word is another "translation anomaly" between his/her native Polish and English? 
    It has always slightly "amused" me that the French demander (literally, to demand) is actually translated as "to ask".  Perhaps something similar here?
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    emmrecs01 reacted to carl123 in My first attempt (at photo retouching)   
    As with anything in life you can pay top dollar for a professional to retouch your portrait photo for anything from £60 to £120 pounds.
    But when your clients have 150 portraits they need retouching most don't want to pay £9000 to £18000 to get the job done.
    So by using a plug-in with batch processing facilities and quoting £10 per image that's an easy £1500 for me for 10 minutes work. And a very happy client.
    If you plan on becoming one of the top 10% of professional retouchers then don't use plug-ins and learn the hard way but if you are someone that has a business to run and wants to make a very easy profit now and again don't dismiss using plug-ins to get the job done.
    Old school thinking on the "correct" way to do something will put a lot of people out of business due to the advances in today's technology and the incredibly cheap professional work you can get done via the Internet in places such as India.
    Embrace the future, embrace change, embrace profit.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to R C-R in How do I get this effect in affinity?   
    I find it quite amazing that you were using Affinity Photo years before it was developed! 
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Laurence Svirchev in Support for Canon's .CR3 file format   
    Life gets weird when you don't do your research up front . Canon advertises the M50 for its RAW CR3. on the grounds that the RAW3 file size is smaller. Marketing nonsense. File storage is not the limiting factor for Camera use for the last decade. Storage is cheap by any measure.
    What Canon is doing is following the marketing trend of al things wireless and and on portable devices. For Mac users that means iOS (iphone and ipad). Some people want to play on portable devices, but that is not for everyone. For myself, I'm certainly not going to edit on an ipad. I have a MacBook Pro for that.
    There is a work around and it goes like this: install Canon's DPP4 (Digital Photo Professional 4) for High Sierra. (Not available for Mojave). Open the RAW3 in DPP 4 and save in tiff to your computer's file storage system. In a test run, a 23 MB RAW3 file turned into a 192 MB file, but at least now I don't have to edit in jpg. Did I say in the first sentence that "Storage is cheap by any measure?"
    While I generally like the M system for its size, its ease of use, and portability, I have paid a considerable price in post-photo processing  by not doing my research before I bought the thing. I fell victim to marketing hocus-pocus.
    Sure, I hope Affinity comes up with a desktop version of processing CR3.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from StevenS in How long does the trial version for desktop last as of today?   
    10 days, starting from the day you first open the app. 
    IOW, if you "open" it for the first time today, the trial will end 10 days later, whether or not you have opened it again in the meantime.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from StevenS in How long does the trial version for desktop last as of today?   
    Thank you for this post, and my apologies to @IsabelAracama for the error in my reply to you!
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Gnobelix in Fix 0x00000007b error Windows?   
    Does Affinity software even Install, let alone Run, under XP???
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    emmrecs01 reacted to toltec in saving pctures   
    May I recommend this program. It allows you to capture your screen which is very handy to paste a copy of your problems online. That way anybody can help you if you have an issue as a picture is worth a thousand words. It is less than $20 for a lifetime licence and worth every single cent.
    I use it ALL the time and consider it the second best piece of software I ever bought 
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from PaulAffinity in File closes unsaved after file access lost - Critical Flaw   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    This is a question which has been raised before.  I think this thread might offer some clue about why it happens and, more importantly, how to avoid it.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in Refund on Windows Version   
    Hi.  Welcome to the Affinity forums.
    From Patrick Connor's reply in this thread.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in Refund on Windows Version   
    Hi.  Welcome to the Affinity forums.
    From Patrick Connor's reply in this thread.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in Registration and Windows 10 App   
    Yes!!  All my Serif and Affinity apps, along with the great majority of my other programs, are installed on my dedicated Programs drive, D:\.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Hokusai in Refund for Affinity Photo purchase   
    It might also be worthwhile to try to ask others here how you might solve the problems that you are having. You might mention the OS that you are using and the computer specs, etc as that will help to pin down what might be causing the problem. In addition the wonderful support staff here, there are tons of really useful users who will go out of their way to help to sove problems that others are having. Also, Jaffa offers some words of wisdom and I agree with him 100%!
    Best regards,
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    emmrecs01 reacted to fde101 in My choice stress   
    And here is yet another one.
    Publisher is not an upgrade to or continuation of PagePlus.  It is a completely new application being developed with a different philosophy from PagePlus and built on a different foundation.  The features will probably never match exactly and those which will be added may take some time.
    This is called eMail and is already available in various forms as a 3rd-party companion application.  Integrated functionality to do this is not a normal feature of productivity applications and I'm not sure why you would be expecting this when it was never advertised as a feature we should be expecting.
    It is nice that you respected this.  QuarkXPress does this also, but Affinity Publisher currently does not.  This strikes me as a very reasonable feature request but it hardly strikes me as essential.
    There are already multiple threads discussing this, including one major large one that is pinned.
    I'm assuming you mean Photo and Designer?  This will be unlocked later in the beta cycle, as the features are apparently not quite ready yet.
    I personally would not expect #1, though only Serif could answer for sure.  InDesign IDML import might come later but will not likely be in the 1.7 release.  #4 is coming later in the beta cycle.
    Serif has stated quite definitively that PagePlus is no longer being developed.
    Then for now use something else.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in ...Special price for additional licenses!   
    He is!  (IMO, of course!! )
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from stokerg in [By Design] Not able to shut Affinity Photo without shutting down computer   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    I think the solution offered in this thread will give you the answer.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in Changing OS   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums!
    Each licence is platform/OS-specific and there is no method of transferring any licence from one platform to a different one.  Unfortunately, you will have to buy a Windows licence, therefore for each of the Affinity products you wish to use on your new Windows computer.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from StevenS in Mistakenly place order the wrong Os   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
     I will assume this was an order placed on the Serif/Affinity website, so you need to email affinityorders@serif.com, with the full details of your order and request that they allow you to change to and access the Windows version.
    You may not receive a reply until Monday, at the earliest, since it is now the weekend in the UK and various other forum threads suggest they have been rather overwhelmed recently with similar email requests.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to John Rostron in Can not import photos from camera to Affinity   
    Maybe it works for you, but I will stick with my more reliable procedure of copying the camera images to my big hard disk first. I then have a quick look to delete any duds before anything else.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to legin in Help Does Affinity have a turn photos into paintings feature   
    For converting photos into digital 'art works' checkout FotoSketcher - total free even for commercial use.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to John Rostron in Plugins   
    I have just paid for and installed the new Nik plugins. So far, I have only tried Viveza (which has been a bugbear in the past. I opened a portrait jpeg and called up Viveza. It loaded with the correct colours, but in landscape orientation. I closed Viveza (cancel) and rasterized the image before calling Viveza again. This time it displayed perfectly. It also performed all the usual VIveza actions as expected.
    I will report on the other plugins when I have explored them.
    Note that today (26th) is your last chance to get them at the reduced rate. I paid £30 yesterdsy. 
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Mark Ingram in slow swicth to tone mapping persona   
    How did you get that impression? The developers are regularly posting on this forum, helping users, investigating crashes and bugs, etc. I would say your statement is completely false.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from StevenS in Switching license from Windows to macOS   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    Affinity licences are platform-specific.  IOW there are different licences for Windows, MAC and IOS and it is not possible to transfer from one to another.
    So yes, you will need to buy a"new" licence for your MacBook.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from tee cee in New Purchase - Hard Copy or Digital Download?   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    Affinity software is supplied by download only - you should always, as a matter of course, keep the (downloaded) installer file on a "safe storage" medium in case you ever need to reinstall your software.  That storage medium can be a Memory Stick, flash card, another hard drive or, in your case, you can burn it as a data disc to CD (it will fit!) or to DVD.