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  1. @Artimus As @Ron P. says, the Serif Plus range of products is now discontinued and there is no support for them in this Affinity forum. However, a long-time user of both the Plus range and the current Affinity range has created a forum for users of those Plus softwares here. Can I suggest you register at and repost your question there?
  2. @Martinr36 As @Komatös wrote, .tif is a container file format. In your file, the .tif apparently "contains" a .ZIF file. As you say, it does not open in Affinity Photo 2. However, as you correctly state, it does open in IrfanView. In that app if you select to Copy the image you can then paste it into APh 2 (I haven't tested this in APh 1 but I think it should do the same thing.)
  3. @Simon Bance Welcome to the Affinity forums. I have to assume you are asking about Affinity Photo, but which version? In APh version 1 you need to check under View>Studio>Lens; version 2 under Window>Lens. Both of these are when in the Develop Persona and in both cases "Lens" needs to be ticked. HTH
  4. @Derkaziam Welcome to the Affinity forums. If you buy a licence for Designer at the MS store the licence is for Windows only. If you also want it on a Mac, that would require the purchase of a second, Mac-specific licence. However, have you checked out the Universal License? It includes all 3 apps on all 3 operating systems, Windows, Mac and iPad. It’s currently available with a 40% discount until December 14th.
  5. @Lxo Welcome to the Affinity forums. Unfortunately, your first post is rather confusing! In your title you mention you didn't try to install on Mac but then talk about MSIX installer and MSI installer! So, which operating system do you have, Mac, Windows or both? The current MSIX installer is, clearly, Windows only; why can you not use it? Technical reasons or simply preference? If you are unhappy with the fact that is installs in the WindowsApps folder there are a number of posts detailing how it can be "moved" or at least be made accessible to third-party software. This FAQ offers one solution for you. Serif have made quite clear they will be releasing an .msi installer when it is ready and will announce the release in these forums.
  6. @ian Russell Welcome to the Affinity forums. Can you post a screenshot of the whole of your black screen please? I suspect it will be easier for others to help diagnose if we can see exactly what you are seeing.
  7. It has already been explained to you by Walt that ONLY purchases made direct from Serif appear in your order history. Purchases made via any of the App Stores are not recorded in your Serif Account because Serif do not know anything about them!
  8. @Pandazmo I would strongly recommend removing or obscuring your email address from your image. Not to do so is to risk having your email address harvested by Spambots!
  9. @Jui Welcome to the Affinity forums. I assume you are wanting to open the file in version 1 that you made changes to with version 2. Is that correct? If so, you can't sorry! Serif have made quite clear that backwards compatibility is not available; once any file is opened and changed in version 2 it will not successfully open again in version 1. One suggestion I have seen made in the forums is to open both versions of Publisher, "side by side" as it were. Open your file in version 2 and try to copy/paste elements of it from the version 2 workspace to the version 1 workspace. This is not guaranteed to work, especially for any feature which is "new" to version 2 and which version 1 cannot read. As a general rule, you should only work in version 2 on version 1 files if you have first made a copy of the version 1 file and then work on that copy. I also understand there is an intention, in a future update, to include an onscreen message to this effect, reminding the user to create that copy first when opening a version 1 file in version 2.
  10. @pharmerpk I'm not sure this is actually the fault of Serif at all! As a result, I am not sure they can actually do anything; they are very much in Apple's (or Microsoft's) hands. I agree, it is annoying that the version 1 apps seem to have been "removed" for at least some users from either or both of the Mac AppStore and the iPad AppStore. (At least one iPad user has reported that he was able to uninstall Designer Version 1 and then redownload it from his purchased items.) For me, (running Windows and an iPad) that is annoying, or perhaps, confusing! However, there was a very recent update to the version 1 Affinity apps and I was able to download and install them to my iPad, but my purchased items shows nothing of those same apps, only version 2! I can't check whether the Microsoft Store has the same "problem" since I did not buy the apps in that store and all I see listed there, quite reasonably, are the version 2 apps. I'm not sure the comparison with Pixelmator is necessarily valid, sorry! By renaming the "older" version they are, presumably, in effect, making it such that any user running the "original" version will not receive any updates because the app name is now "different"? Serif have made it very clear they they will continue to release updates to the version 1 apps (to cope with changes to the OS) for as long as they are reasonably able to do so. Clearly, these updates will not include "new" features.
  11. In addition to what @walt.farrell has told you, I believe your payment provider also has to be set up to work with and accept 3D Secure Authentication.
  12. @a1111 Welcome to the Affinity forums. Exactly which version of Affinity Photo have you bought? Your screenshot seems to suggest it is version 1, but I thought this had now been withdrawn from sale because version 2 has now been released? Assuming it is version 1, where did you buy it (which store)? Having checked my own order history for my version 1 products I can see my serial keys are quite different to the one you partially show; all mine end with four alphanumeric characters, not the two you have.
  13. @Rick Freeman Welcome to the Affinity forums, a public space where confidential data, like email addresses, should never be posted. Hence, a moderator has removed them from your post. Unfortunately, Serif staff have said repeatedly in the forums that registered account email addresses cannot be changed, sorry! BUT, for users like yourself, you would only ever need to use that "old" address to access your Affinity account or if you needed to reinstall your software and were then asked to activate it.
  14. Hi Walt. Interesting find! Just as a matter of interest: now that you have reinstalled it does Designer V1 still show as available to download in your Purchased items? I'm asking because I wonder whether having it installed and operational actually causes it to disappear from the App Store. On my iPad it's installed and NOT listed as available.
  15. @Rhodio If the purchase did not actually complete properly your money will NOT be taken from your bank account. Your bank records the purchases as debits to your account but, because the "Payment method rejected" Serif will not receive any payment and eventually, your bank will remove them from your account and credit the total amount back to you.
  16. @TJ Mead Did you notice the Red Banner at the head of every forum page, explaining why response to posts etc. is very much slower than Serif staff would like?
  17. @urbain With acknowledgement to the user who originally posted this, here's how to create a desktop icon for any and all of the version 2 Affinity apps: Open a PowerShell window (as admin) and type: explorer.exe shell:appsFolder In the new window you'll find all installed apps. Right click on any symbol will give you the possibility to create a link. You will get a message that the link cannot be created here and that the link should be created on the desktop instead. @Al Loan Welcome to the Affinity forums. The fact that the installers are supplied as .MSIX files, rather than the .msi type which were used in version 1, is the subject of much heated debate (and rather a lot of complaints) in the forum! Serif have stated they intend to release .msi installers once they are happy that these are "working as intended". What is not clear, to me at least, is whether users who currently run from the .MSIX installers will be able to easily "change" to the .msi versions, if they wish to do so. I'm not sure what you mean by a base launch of the apps but, as above, if you follow this method of creating the desktop icons you can start each one from its icon. HTH
  18. @tombro Welcome to the Affinity forums. Have you tried first copying the file(s) to your local computer? Do they then open properly in whichever version of APh you have?
  19. Any "Proof of Purchase" from the App Store is of no value to Serif because (at the risk of repeating myself) they (Serif) and Apple share NO customer data. In addition, it is my understanding that, due to the rules which Apple demand that all iPad app developers follow, ALL iPad apps must be purchased only and exclusively via the App Store. Thus, Serif cannot supply you with any download or even a link to a download of the version 1 iPad apps! However, as I wrote above, there does seem to be a disconnect between what Serif have advised (that previously-purchased version 1 apps should still be available to download) and what is actually the situation. Hopefully, one of the moderators will pick this up and be able to offer further guidance, @DWright, @SFurniss, @Patrick Connor?
  20. I think this is rather an unfair comment! Apple does not share any customer data with Serif, nor Serif with Apple. As a result Serif have no means whatsoever of making Apple understand your problem. However, I do understand your annoyance. I have both version 1 and version 2 of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, on my iPad, along with version 2 of Publisher. I remember reading elsewhere on the forum that one could access one's purchases and redownload all the version 1 apps via the AppStore>Account>Purchased. I checked this on my iPad and the version 1 apps do not show! Perhaps because they are still installed? (But then other prior purchases are still listed and installed.) @DWright, I think it was you who posted this method to the forums (my apologies if it was not!) but there clearly is a problem; Apple seem to have "removed" the version 1 apps even for those who had previously purchased them.
  21. @Devon Serif have said the discount promotion will end on December 14th. Also, that purchases are permanently linked to the email used at the time of purchase and cannot be changed subsequently! SORRY!
  22. @DSGNDM If you're not sure where that setting that @Lee Drefers to is (and I have seen the same annoying pop-up about Nvidia Experience, though not the screen refresh problem!) see the screenshot below:
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