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  1. @PaulWilliamson I understand InDesign can open/read pdf files so I suspect that is the route you should go. Jeff
  2. Slightly OT... ... but I see NIK 3 has been released! Anybody tried it yet? Jeff
  3. @Jean Renoux Welcome to the Affinity forums. It is a pity that your first post to the Affinity forums should be, essentially, a rant. In my opinion, and from personal experience, Serif support does not stink. If you read carefully through quite a large number of posts in the forum you will quickly discover that it is perfectly feasible, perhaps not ideal but still feasible, to export from PagePlus to pdf and then open that pdf in Publisher or Designer, if appropriate. You will also discover a little more about why it has not, so far, been possible for Serif to create a PagePlus to Affiinity convertor. The reason for this is, basically, the brief for the complete Affinity Suite was to create a ground-up, cross-platform "brand new" software platform, capable of taking Serif software to a much wider audience. The old Plus products were, and are, Windows only and simply could not be "converted/updated/whatever" to meet the demands of this brief. Jeff
  4. @Ernest Moorey Welcome to the Affinity forums. The number which you have received is the Installation Code, not the Registration Code. Please read the post from @Patrick Connor directly above yours, and follow the link he gives. You will find full details there about how to register your product. HTH Jeff
  5. @MKrantz Did you do as @SFurniss suggested and contact the vendor from whom you originally purchased the software? In the circumstances, I do not think there is anything that any Serif/Affinity person can do; if the original vendor failed to supply a needed voucher code you should contact him/her and request either the missing code or a full immediate refund. Jeff
  6. @v_kyr Not on my machine. I don't use the Windows Photos app at all and it certainly isn't running in the background! (I checked in Task Manager, Processes, Details and Services tabs.)
  7. @LennyLion I don't know Silkypix but if it functions in a similar way to other DAM apps there is usually a setting such that the user can select one, or more, apps that are already installed on the computer to be the "editor of choice" such that, when clicking on the image one of the options available is something like "Edit in (in this case) Affinity Photo". Can such a setting be created in Silkypix? Jeff
  8. This thread in the Frequently Asked Questions may offer you some useful advice. Jeff
  9. @matt.bessen@gmail.com Welcome to the Affinity forums. Assuming your new laptop is also a MAC, then you will simply need to log into whichever store you first bought from, MAC or Affinity, download your software and install it. OTOH, should your new laptop be a Windows machine, that will require a new licence be purchased; licences are OS dependent. HTH Jeff
  10. @RitaD Welcome to the Affinity forums. When you made your purchase did you ensure you were ordering and paying for the MAC version of whichever app(s) you bought? Jeff
  11. @Herbill Thanks for that information. 😀 In which case, I wonder whether it has anything to do with whichever program you have set as the default to open, e.g. .jpg files? As I said before, I have Affinity Photo set as the default to open most (?all) image files on my computer. I do have other photo-manipulation software installed but that is not seen by Bridge, it seems. If you go to Settings>Apps>Default apps>Choose default apps by file type, what is shown there as there as your default for, say, .jpg files? I've just checked and .cr2 (Canon RAW files) also have the option to Opne with APh. HTH Jeff
  12. @Herbill I can confirm that right-clicking an image in Bridge opens a menu that does include an option that says "Open with>Affinity Photo 1.8 (default)". I did not set this anywhere; Bridge seems to have taken this as the default, presumably because I have set Affinity Photo to be the default app for .jpg images, which the image is that I tested this with. Just to emphasise what @walt.farrell wrote, I use the version of the app downloaded from Serif, not the app store. HTH Jeff
  13. @Kohout I think you should first uninstall the Trial version. Then go to your account on the M$ Store, where Affinity Photo should be showing as "purchased". Download and install it. As previously explained, you do not need any licence key since the product is now linked to your M$ Store account. HTH Jeff
  14. @sourov No. There is no option within any of the Affinity apps to choose a different interface. The only choice left to the user is between a Dark and a Light GUI. Like earlier responders to your question, I see very little point, if any, in Serif even attempting to emulate any Adobe interface. They are completely different apps, with a number of similar features. Jeff
  15. @Willem Jan Drijfhout Have you tried using the Crop Tool, on the context menu selecting "Straighten" and then with that tool draw a "corrected" vertical (or near vertical) line along each side of image? Jeff
  16. @pauldev Welcome to the Affinity forums. I have no experience of using Scribus but since it appears it can export its files as .pdf, that is the format to use. But you need to be aware, full .pdf import to Publisher is still a "work in progress". HTH Jeff
  17. @Mabian "View>Show Column Guides" is a feature of Affinity Designer, not Photo, which simply has "View>Show guides". Jeff
  18. I'm sorry if my answer was not what you wanted. But I have never used ANY of the Adobe graphics/design programs so have no idea about the ease with which Affinity skills can be transferred to Adobe. I think there are a considerable number of users in the forum who have made the transition from Adobe to Affinity. Hopefully, at least one of them might be able to answer your questions. Jeff
  19. @Sparco10 Welcome to the Affinity forums. First, there is nothing within the Affinity Suite of programs that is specifically and definitively for web site creation. One of Serif's legacy products was "Web Plus" which most definitely was designed to allow the straightforward creation of web sites but it was what is often termed a "WYSIWYG" program, "What you see is what you get". The skills used in that software would not transfer easily to any another similar program, whether from Adobe or elsewhere. As to whether skills learned in the Affinity programs can be directly transferred to Adobe programs, is a question which other, far more experienced users, might be able to answer, but as a general point: there are some parallels between the Serif programs and those from Adobe but there are also differences. Serif, as I understand it, never set out to produce "Adobe clones" but rather, unique products designed to fill a perceived gap in the market for Photo manipulation, graphic design and desk top publishing applications. HTH Jeff
  20. @bat21 Welcome to the Affinity forums, which are specifically for the current range of Serif products. All the Serif "Plus" range are now Legacy products, with their own forum here. I am very surprised by what you write that none of the resource discs are compatible with Windows 10. I wonder how you are trying to access them? However, this conversation really should be continued in the Legacy products forum and not here. HTH Jeff
  21. @JohnA7504 Welcome to the Affinity forums! These are the forums for Serif's current range of software. All the "Plus" range are now Legacy products, so no longer manufactured! The forum for them is Community Plus. BUT, unfortunately, you will not be able to obtain those unlock codes. The first post in this thread explains why, although this post may offer you some consolation! HTH Jeff
  22. @Alfred Thank you! I think I had a "senior moment" and forgot to create the link!! Jeff
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