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  1. @MilaDE Welcome to the Affinity forums. Which OS? Which version of APh are you running? What action(s) trigger the "Not Responding" message, and do you actually see those words? What are your computer specs? So many questions, but, at the moment we know next to nothing about what is actually happening on your computer, apart from the fact, it seems to be not responding. Jeff
  2. @Chosen Idea To answer your second question first: designation as a Newbie is because of your limited number of posts, not because of your length of time as a member. As to the first problem you list: I certainly don't see the "Open Recent" as showing anything other than precisely that: the most recent files I have been working on. Clearly, you are seeing something different but that does not make the problem a "bug"! By definition, I think, a bug must be reproducible by at least a considerable number of users to be labelled as such. My computer spec etc., is in my signature, in case you want to know about mys system. Jeff
  3. @JonnyRueda Welcome to the Affinity forums. Your previous account is highly unlikely to have been erased but is it possible it used an email address which you no longer use? To access that account you need to log in with that old email - hopefully you can remember the password since, if you no longer have access to that email address, a password reset link cannot be delivered to you, I think. Since purchases of Affinity software are permanently tied to the email address used at the time of purchase I think there is no method of either registering your previous purchases to the new account nor of merging the two accounts into one. Jeff
  4. @lavapit Your most recent post here includes a screenshot which contains both your personal email address and your Affinity Photo serial key. These should be removed or at least obscured as soon as possible, otherwise you risk your account and software being hijacked. Jeff
  5. @dougiewrite If you read the whole of this thread you will see another discussion of this topic, which includes details of why Affinity apps do not offer support for scanners on Windows. I think it unlikely this situation will change. Jeff
  6. @DR1V3R Welcome to the Affinity forums. None of the Affinity apps include any fonts as part of the installation package. Your "missing" font was obviously installed on your old computer, possibly by you or by a different app that does include certain fonts in its installation package. You need to find and install the font to your new computer, then Designer will be able to find and use it. By default, all the Affinity apps can use any font fully installed on your new computer. HTH Jeff
  7. @Gamtak You've posted to the "Feedback for Affinity Designer on Windows" forum. Perhaps you should move your post to the appropriate (for your OS) Publisher forum.
  8. @Carmen McGee Welcome to the Affinity forums. Which OS and purchased from where (direct from Serif, or the App Store appropriate to your OS)?
  9. @narrationsd @Jowday @Mark Ingram @AlanPickup Same happened for me, running Chrome latest version: double-clicking the link in Mark's post, nothing happened (despite several attempts); right-clicking the link and choosing to "Open in new tab", download began almost instantly!
  10. @walt.farrell Agreed! What I think I meant was that on my machine the two "versions" seem to be giving slightly different results but they are certainly NOT as "different" as those given by @Venyer. Sorry for the confusion!
  11. @BrianBrum I think this post from a very experienced user might help you to resolve this problem. Jeff
  12. @AndrewJSchoen Thanks for the additional information. I think we need Serif staff to comment on this. I have no problem accessing my Serf account, both on Windows (so can "register" from within the apps) and on my very recently purchased iPad (also successfully registered from within APh).
  13. @CMF Welcome to the Affinity forums. If you check carefully in various forum areas you will see you are far from being the only user to experience this problem. Since it seems that not all of them purchased the apps from the Microsoft Store I doubt that reporting the problem to M$ will actually achieve anything! Serif staff did acknowledge soon after the initial release of the 1.9 versions that there seemed to be a registration problem for quite a number of users, which they (Serif) thought had now been resolved. Clearly, that is not the case. However, since this is now the weekend in the UK, where Serif are based, it might be that the situation will not change until early next week. HTH Jeff
  14. @Vikings Where did you purchase the apps? If they were direct from Serif, on opening the "old" version you should see a message that an update is available, with the option to download it. If you don't see the message, simply log into your Affinity Store account, go to "Downloads and Product Keys" and download the new version there. If they were from one of the App Stores, MAC, iOS or Microsoft, the updates should show in your store account. There is no financial cost in updating any of the Affinity apps, since you a re moving from version 1.8 to 1.9. Jeff
  15. @Tandelov As a matter of policy Serif do not make any any "early" announcements about what is to appear in any future releases of any of the apps. Originally, there was a published roadmap, but that disappeared some time ago because users were tending to point to it and say things like "XYZ is on the roadmap but you still haven't included it". "New" features will appear as, and when, the Serif developers feel they have got them to a "suitable-for-release" state. As to the question of payments: ALL releases of updates to the Version 1 will always be free to existing customers. The fact that we are currently at version 1.9 does NOT mean, I believe, that version 1 is "complete"; there is every possibility there will be a version 1.10, 1.11 etc., etc.. Whenever version 2 is released, all users will have the option to buy the new version or simply continue to use version 1 and so pay nothing extra. As to when version 2 might appear, only Serif knows! Jeff
  16. @Angelia Did you decompress (aka unzip) them before trying to install the individual fonts? Jeff
  17. @yeastie99 Welcome to the Affinity forums. The software can be installed on as many systems running the same OS as the registered user owns and controls. I understand that, if you are using MACs and purchased from the MAC App Store, it places a limitation on the number of installations you can have; if you're using Windows and purchased via the Microsoft Store it is possible a similar limit might be imposed. HTH
  18. @Curt @AndrewJSchoen Your Affinity Store account is completely separate from your forum login details. IOW, having a login for this forum does NOT create an Affinity Store account for you. On the registration page in APh you need to select the option to Create and account. You would not have received an email to reset your password because your email address would not have been recognised by the Store Account database. HTH Jeff
  19. @Gasparone Please read the whole of this thread. The answer to your question comes in Sean P's last post in the thread. HTH Jeff Mod Edit - Changed link to point to a better thread
  20. @Ruth Turner Just to add a little to what @walt.farrell has written: If the screen inviting you to register does not appear, at the top right hand corner is a small icon which looks rather like the "upper half of a human body" (for want of a better description). Click on it to open the account and registration screen. HTH Jeff
  21. @John sprigg Welcome to the Affinity Forums. Each OS (Windows, Mac, iOS) has its own, completely separate licensing system. Thus to use the software on two different operating systems (e.g., I have just bought an iPad and have APhoto on both Windows and iPad) I had to buy a separate licence for each. But, currently ALL licences are half-price so it really is a no-brainer to purchase that second licence. Jeff
  22. @GarryP Yes, it is resources only, not the app installers. Jeff
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