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  1. KarenPL

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I ordered my copy on the 12th and it has arrived today, thank you very much, after receiving an email of notification of despatch on Friday. However, it has to remain sealed and has been taken into custody by the Hubby, as it is one of my Christmas pressies. So I have to be patient and wait to see what it is like.
  2. KarenPL

    Some paintings of mine

    These are stunning!!! You may say you are no expert, but if this is what you come up with now, I'm going to be totally blown away by what you produce when you do reach 'expert' status.
  3. KarenPL

    Introduce Yourself

    A very new member here after the announcement yesterday of the Windows version of Affinity. I've been using Serif software since 2007, starting with WebPlus10, and then moving on to all their other apps, except MoviePlus. :) I really enjoy messing about with DrawPlus and PhotoPlus, so I'm looking forward to see what Serif have in store for us, and have signed up for news of the beta when it starts.