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  1. Once you've opened the image, you'll have another tab above the work window, one for the A3 document the other containing the image, select the image tab and press CTRL+C to copy, go back to the A3 tab and press CTRL+V to paste.
  2. I created a new document using the default A3 size, I then opened the image I wanted, copied the image to the clipboard and then went back to the A3 and pasted, I then dragged out the corner handle so the image kept its aspect ratio to fit the width of the A3
  3. Hi all, I've managed to find the keyboard short cut cheat sheets (PDF's) for a MAC keyboard (and very good I have to say) but I can't find alternative PDF's or other formats for a Windows keyboard, has anybody created these and if so, can somebody point me in the right direction to obtain them, so that I can work a little easier within Affinity Photo & Designer Much appreciated guys/gals for any help given.