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  1. Mick Knight

    Cutting Out

    Thanks for the reply, I'm going to have another go at this tomorrow as I'm running out of free time for this evening
  2. Mick Knight

    Cutting Out

    I know this will sound rather basic but I'm struggling a little here to cut an element out of an image and exporting out as a png file for transparency purposes. Here is my scenario, I have an image of 2000px x 1000px and I'm virtually trying to remove part of the image in the centre of it to then import as a layered object on another back ground, however, once the object has the marquee around it and I add a layer mask to give me a transparent background and then export, the cut out is there with a transparent background but still at the same dimensions, I just need what I'm cutting out to be the overall size of the image being cut when I export it, to then be used in other projects at later dates. Does anyone know a quick or easy way of achieving this to save me searching through all the video tutorials to find what I'm look for. Thanks in advance guys and gals, appreciated
  3. Mick Knight

    Making image larger

    Once you've opened the image, you'll have another tab above the work window, one for the A3 document the other containing the image, select the image tab and press CTRL+C to copy, go back to the A3 tab and press CTRL+V to paste.
  4. Mick Knight

    Making image larger

    I created a new document using the default A3 size, I then opened the image I wanted, copied the image to the clipboard and then went back to the A3 and pasted, I then dragged out the corner handle so the image kept its aspect ratio to fit the width of the A3
  5. Hi all, I've managed to find the keyboard short cut cheat sheets (PDF's) for a MAC keyboard (and very good I have to say) but I can't find alternative PDF's or other formats for a Windows keyboard, has anybody created these and if so, can somebody point me in the right direction to obtain them, so that I can work a little easier within Affinity Photo & Designer Much appreciated guys/gals for any help given.