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  1. 8strong


    Thanks MEB. What is the expected official release date of Designer 1.5?
  2. 8strong


    I'm looking around for a good solution to creating simple animations for an iOS app. I read this post that lead me to Spine. Spine looks promising, but I don't see the 'Spine JSON' output option in Export Persona. I have Affinity Designer 1.4.3 on OS X. Which version has the Spine JSON output option?
  3. 8strong

    Vector paint bucket

    I'll have to use my patience for the vector fill tool I suppose. Can someone tell me the right way to do this the hard way? I'm a noob and even searching for how to do things is tricky because I don't know all the key words yet. I've watched about half of all the tutorial videos and haven't noticed how to do a vector type fill, just how to work with share fills. I drew a picture with the pen tool, but just an outline. I would like to fill it in to colour it and learn how to shade it. I'm sure this is second nature for experienced people. Can someone please tell me where to look for the answer?
  4. I'm new to vector drawing and was looking for the live paint bucket in designer. Opps, I didn't catch the part about illustrator! Does anyone know if this feature has been requested in designer yet?