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  1. I did not open it directly, however, i will try it. This does not happen on all PDFs that I can remember or perhaps it was after the latest update.
  2. I uploaded the file. When moving them it sometimes happens quickly and sometimes after I have moved a few.
  3. I recently imported a pdf into Designer. I have been editing some of the text and it crashes repeatedly and fairly soon after I begin moving the text boxes, but not when editing them. I have attached a video of it happening and the crash report if that helps. Is this a bug in AD or is there a known problem with imported PDFs? I can send the offending file if I get a reply from AD tech support. Any help appreciated! Affinity designer crash report.zip crash_video.zip
  4. I tried the option click suggested on the link posted by Dave and that works to a degree, it selects sequentially each name starting at the one identified at by the red arrow until it gets to the one that I actually wanted to select. It is a reasonable work around until the next update, which hopefully fixes this problem. One thing, however, is that I made a nearly identical figure about 6 months ago and did not have this problem, each text box could be selected directly.
  5. I have imported a PDF into Affinity Designer (version 1.60) from a scientific program wherein text is oriented in a circular pattern around a central region (se attached screen shot). The import (or just opening the PDF) works fine and each scientific name is enclosed in a text box. However, when I go to select a text box sometimes it selects the correct text box, but more often it selects one that is >2 text boxes away. I can select each text box in the layers, but I do not understand why I can't do it with the cursor or text tool. I have attached a screen shot of what I mean. The black arrow shows the text box that I was trying to select with the cursor, the red arrow shows the text box that was actually selected. I don't know if this is a bug or just something peculiar with the PDF file. Any help appreciated.
  6. Cheers Callum! AD should make this a preference so that it is automatic for new docs.
  7. This is a pretty basic question that may have been answered before: objects, text, etc disappear when they are dragged off the page. I find it useful to put objects off to the side while I am constructing a figure, but can't figure out whether I can select a setting to make objects always visible off the page or that this is not supported in AD. Thanks!
  8. OK, I did not use the export persona (just found it), but selected export from the File menu and chose tiff export. That gave me the grey lines. Using the export persona I selected tiff, rgb-8, bilinear and a white matte. That eliminated the faint grey lines on the exported tiff. I suspect that it was the white matte that did it, since I did not select that option in the Export function under the file menu. Hence, case solved.
  9. I wanted to highlight certain text with an outer glow on an imported bitmapped figure. I made the text off the image, added the outer glow, then dragged the text onto the image: the glow, but not the text, disappears as soon as it hits the image. None of the other text effects (e.g, outline, inner glow, etc) have this problem. Is there an explanation for this, is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? The attached image shows where I dragged the text with glow halfway onto the image: half the text off the image with the glow and the other half on the image with the outer glow gone.
  10. Each time I export an a tiff image and then import it into MS Word for the Mac (2016) faint grey lines outline the imported bitmapped images (typically a tiff or png imported image(s) to which text has been added). They are not present in the original AD image, but appear in the exported files when imported into Word (and other apps). I have attached two screen shots, the first is a screen shot from AD of the original image and the second is the exported tiff image that has been imported into MS Word 2016 for the Mac. You can see faint grey lines that outline each imported image (originally .png files) in the image in Word, which are not present in the original image. This also occurs if the image is imported into Apple Pages, Autodesk Graphic, so it is not unique to MS Word. Any help appreciated!
  11. I just installed Affinity Designer, but unlike the picture on the apple store site all my tools are in greyscale not color. Can't find a setting to change this. Makes those small icons really hard to see. Thanks for any help.
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