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  1. mkcmobile

    Copy & Paste between documents crashes iPad Designer

    Thanks for the reply.
  2. IPad Pro 2018 12.9” iOS 12.1.1 Affinity Designer version Repeatable crash. Through a process of selective elimination, it seems to be related to trying to copy a Symbol from one document to another. Perhaps that is something which isn’t allowed, but I don’t think it should crash the app. Easy to replicate. 1) Create a new document 2) Create an object (Text, pen, whatever) 3) With the object selected, go to Symbols, and “Add Symbol from Selection” from the Symbols menu 4) From the *** menu, choose Copy 5) Press the Back Arrow button to go back to the Document Gallery 6) Create a New Document or pick a different existing one 7) Try to Paste from the clipboard and the app immediately crashes to the Home screen.