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  1. The dark UI is so unpleasant and anti-productive for me that I have barely touched the apps since purchasing them. And I am really, really eager to find viable alternatives to Adobe software. Is there any actual data to back up the notion the "most" people prefer a dark UI? It seems like a fashion choice to me. I have a good monitor and keep it calibrated, and I have to squint to see the UI elements in the Affinity apps, Pixelmator, etc. I've been using Adobe apps going back to the late 80s and find the light UI that was typical for most software for most of that time far, far easier on the eye. I adjust the UI on more recent Adobe apps to a tolerable level, and about the only thing for which I am grateful to Adobe is the fact that this CAN be adjusted.
  2. I need to be able to adjust the grid also, for working with text blocks. I'd also like to have a ruler option of picas in addition to, or instead of, points.

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