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  1. Depa thank you for videos it helps me :)
  2. Seriously nobody knows the answer?
  3. Hi Guys, I am new to Affinity Photo and trying to make it works instead of Photoshop. Just read these instructions: First for Highlights (TC1) - shift/cmd/click on the layer thumbnail in the layer palette for create a selection. Then in the Pixel selection, right click and create a spare channel, rename it (for me TC1) Second for Highlights 2 (TC2) - on spare channel TC1, right click load to Pixel alpha. With the pixel layer selected in the layer palette, shift/cmd/click on it to make a selection, then go to the pixel selection, right click and create a new spare channel rename it (for me TC2) And first point works for me: I can shift/cmd/click on layer and create selection then save as a spare channel. But second step makes troubles. I can load selection (Pixel alpha) and then when I am clicking (shift/cmd/click) on selected layer nothing happens. I mean selection stays the same. Tried this on simple gradient as well as on photo and I am stuck in that point. It seems Affinity is unable to create selection of highlights inside my active selections. What am I missing there?

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