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  1. I have suspicion that the development team is doing that in purpose. Otherwise you cannot explain this behavior. I am myself programmer and put providers to external file is not problem at all. Next thing, this thread is very old. Conclusion: 1. Development team is not caring about clients or 2. they have other reason to do it (some special agreement) or 3. "fill what you want here"... Seems good times of this software are over.
  2. Thank you for answer. Can you inform me about roadmap and possibility to create this functionality. I think this is nothing hard to create. Only one file (xml, json, etc.) which will be parsed to Affinity photo. Regards.
  3. Hello. I saw there three Stock photo operators: Shutterstock, Depositphotos, 500px. Is it possible create plugin to own stock operator? I don't like this three, but customisation will be fine. Thank you.