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  1. Multiplayer? Is there an Affinity video game I'm missing? (I'm obviously joking)
  2. At first, I wasn't sure what I thought about the update because it is...well...a change. But as Alfred said, new content can still be accessed in the Activity tab rather than observing what is new in that previous sidebar, so I guess that works out. It will take time to adjust, but I'm glad to see Serif is coming a long way. I think one thing that may have thrown me off are the two last sub sections in the Affinity Support section. It would be easier for me to have their names be shortened for a quick find. Maybe just "Feedback" and "Bugs." It can be easy to read pass that.
  3. Oh what I would give for that tool. You're not doing anything wrong. I've been noticing that too with the beta. It looks like a bug, but I'm sure it will be addressed. Seeing how all the vector art is nested in one layer, click on the layer, and then changed the stroke size in either the Stroke tab or context toolbar. That will change the stroke size of all object under that layer at the same time.
  4. The three features I would love best in Affinity Designer are:

    1. Vector Eraser Tool
    2. Vector Flood Fill Tool
    3. Redraw Function

    Let me know if you agree.

  5. Hi Zakui and welcome to the Affinity forums. Unfortunately, a license is only good for the platform it was purchased for. You will need to buy a new one for Mac.
  6. Sure thing. If you do assign shortcuts, then they will be in Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts - View menu - Rotate Left/Right. For finger gestures, Preferences - Tools - Enable Canvas Rotation with Trackpad.
  7. For this much, you can assign keyboard shortcuts for canvas rotation, and you can enable finger gestures if you have a touchpad. I hope this helps.
  8. Oh yes! I use that feature often, and I didn't even think to bring it up here. jhazel0705, With the very last button on the top of the workspace selected, you can paste copied objects "inside" each other. This can be good to avoid intersections and aligning too many objects behind each other, because aligning too many in the back, the order may get confusing when they need to overlap others.
  9. Bug found. The pressure profile option in the Stroke tab does not work on brush strokes if they were created with the Brush Tool. Even after they are converted to regular line strokes, the pressure profile will not make any changes. However, if the Pen or Pencil tool was used to create those strokes at start, then the pressure profile works as necessary. And then converting them to brush strokes, the pressure profile does work. It only does not if you start with the Brush Tool.
  10. It may not be what you were wanting, but I think the best thing to do there is to close that new red shape and set it behind the yellow one. Otherwise, you can have the stroke and fill be separate from each other. Set the fill to that new shape as zero, and have a red fill behind it. The joining feature you are looking for such as Illustrator's live paint is a grouping feature in which the layers (curves) are nested. If you don't want to have dozen of curves shown in your Layer's tab, then you can nest them under its own layer if you click the New Layer button and then drag them inside. This will not group them, but it will organize them as nested children under one layer.
  11. Hello and welcome to the forums. It is inconvenient that there is not a definite time for the releases, but that is because there was trouble in the past in which different releases fell behind schedule due to the work put into it. Affinity doesn't set exact times any more because they don't want to disappoint users. Sorry.
  12. Sure thing. :)
  13. Hi! When you are in the Export persona, open up the Layers tab, and you will see you have different options of which layers you want exported. If the objects are nested in other layers, then expand the layers, and hide those objects.
  14. I'm a dope. Tracking was the option I was looking for. I knew the difference but for some reason my thinking was a bit off.