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  1. How do I invert the content of a layer? Thanks’s in advance :)
  2. JensLundin

    How to invert a layer?

    Found it - in edits...
  3. Or at least rename it to "Shutter Stock Panel" or "Stock Advertisements for Serif preferred partners Panel" :-) Br & :-)
  4. When using AP for painting it's nice having the stabilizer option for the brush. Smudge is also heavily used when painting - so please enable stabilizer on other tools also. This goes for both MAC and iPad. Thanks in advance (if anyone reads this) :-)
  5. When using the node tool, a loupe shows up. This might be handy when not zoomed in, but for me it covers what I actually want to se instead. How to disable loupe? Thank’s in advance
  6. Hi Chris B, Thanks. Please note that my feedback isn’t ment for you in person but for my experience with the Affinity Company during the last couple of years in general. Br.
  7. Hi Chris B, My attempt to be funny/sarcastic wasn't successful I can see, sorry for this For me personally it's: What ever goes into "Feature Requests" is never going to happen... I joined during your beta period for AP on Mac and have besides from buying your products spend time on locating errors and reporting them, asked for features etc. and are after years still waiting for things on the road map of the products to be introduced... I'm actually starting to expect that there will be introduced a weather forecast and personal gaming persona in your products before "Feature Requests" and road map is implemented (if ever) - Yes, this was sarcastic, but it's my best way to express my disappointment in a proper tone It does actually makes sense - you need to attract new buyers, and not keep existing happy, as it isn't subscription based pricing... I will wait for the next Beta release before testing further, as the current is totally unusable for me (I have another error reported for this also). Br &
  8. Hi Chris B, Interesting way of thinking... Having something that actually works, then changes it so it doesn't work, and afterwards calls it a improvement request if it should be wanted fixed :-) Br.
  9. Hi Chris B, The loupe does NOT display what I need to see - it only displays the area around the node tool selection. When moving a node, it's important to see the overall change to the shape of the object, and this is hidden by the loupe only showing the "cursor" and nearest surroundings. Br.
  10. We use it for painting/artist work in most other applications that are able to work with layers - is it ever going to be implemented, or is Affinity just a dead end for that type of work?
  11. How do I make the smudge tool and the paint mixer brush sample from the layers below also? Thanks in advance :-)
  12. SOLVED: Changing Language to other than default worked, I do have Internet accces (to post here), Firewall disabled - I'm also getting welcome without download (same in Photo). MacOS 10.13.1, AD 1.6.0 and AP 1.6.6 from AppStore. What else must I do?
  13. When using handles with the ex the Pen- and Move tool, they are large when Tool handle size in defined as large in Preferences. The handles are always small for Mesh Warp Tool and for Perspective Tool, no matter the setting in Preferences.
  14. Renaming of exported files during batch processing needed - with possibility to use meta data as name, ie. capture time as part of filename etc.
  15. I add guidelines, and want to position them using the Position wheel. While changing position all guidelines is hidden, making it difficult to place correctly. When I release the Position wheel again, all lines become visible.
  16. I draw a lot in perspective, and miss the abillity to define grids with one or more vanishing points.
  17. Please make it possible to move and size the bottom-bar - it's always "hidden" under my hand when using a pen. It's really annoying.
  18. JensLundin

    Main UI suggestion

    I also disagree. I suggest that the remaining space in the sides instead are used for modifier keys so 2-handed operations is possible without hands needing to touch each other.
  19. I have enabled the setting in the picture, but don't see any keys on screen? Online help is not helping either :-(
  20. JensLundin

    Where is the Keys?

    Thanks. I was looking for an arrow next to the tool icon, but it's on the middle of the screen that's to the left of tools :-) I was just taking the answer literally - English isn't my mother language :-)
  21. JensLundin

    Where is the Keys?

    Sorry, but I'm still not able to see what you refers to - please see picture attached?
  22. Please add a similar or better function to the robe stabilizer as in Paintstorm - I guess that you have gotten the idea for the rose-stabilizer from there. Here the rope is attached to a small spring, making it possible to start/stop strokes very smooth giving control over the ends of the stroke also. Also in the iPad version. Thanks in advance :-)
  23. You can change to lefthand in settings on the Gallery page. I tried this to get undo/redo and color to my left (my free hand when using pen) as I'm also right handed. The application is ported from Mac/PC to iPad so the programmers probably isn't used to operate a program with both hands on screen, so I fear that they might not understand the problem. I also use Procreate and can recommend Snapseed for normal photo adjustments until Affinity eventual fixes gui :-)
  24. Undo by tapping two fingers on screen instead of zooming - It's not optimal having to go to the opposite corner of screen for undoing every time.