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  1. Sorry if this isn't the correct forum. But is anyone here using the latest version of FontExplorer X Pro 7? There is no plugins for anything other than Adobe and Quark. But doesn't the auto-activation work with Affinity anyways?
  2. Wow. Is there a keyboard shortcut for converting nodes? Because I didn't change it, I just expanded a storke.
  3. Where is the problematic curve. Top right corner. forum-corner-tool.afdesign
  4. Sometimes I cannot select a node and use the corner tool on it. Normally when you select an anchor point it gets bigger, but when I experience this issue, then selected anchor point is tiny and not a square. I've included a screenshot.
  5. I really like the shape of 1.8 beta. But I would just like beg for a little feature if possible regarding text frames. I really need info about word-count, numbers of lines and characters.
  6. I have issues with Safari's download manager in general. Slow downloads and stalls.
  7. csj

    No beta?

    Great! thanks for clarifying @Patrick Connor I will follow that that thread.
  8. HA! Right on! I was looking for a keybinding.
  9. Is there a way to zoom to fit the current selected artboard? If you have multiple artboards cmd+0 fits all artboards. But what if I just want to center and fit the current selected artboard? Is that doable? Thanks.
  10. Where can I see information about a Text Frame? Like character count, word count, numbers of lines, etc.?
  11. csj

    No beta?

    As curious as I am, I am gonna wait
  12. csj

    No beta?

    What is the latest beta? 1.7.3 is released.
  13. Actually to answer my own question, I played around with the filters and the monochrome dither filter does kind of the same thing.
  14. I hope that I am blind and just not able to find the feature, but I can turn an image into bitmap or indexed color. Isn't this a feature? https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/color-modes.html

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