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  1. If you create an artboard in Designer with bleed and place that artboard into Publisher and choose Page Box to be Trim box. The bleed area is empty? So how do I place a Designer file into Publisher with the bleed area?
  2. As the title say can text style decorations span the entire width of the text frame and not just the width of the text?
  3. Hi @GarryP No unfortunately it doesn't. I know I can snap to the baseline grid guides if turned on. But I want to be able to precisely how far I perhaps need to shift the baseline grid from the top of the page or spread (usually very small number like 1.543 mm) for it align to where my text is, and not make the text jump to the baseline. But precision is key. Make sense?
  4. Argh. Sorry for the bad video. I just screen recorded it with QuickTime. I will record another or find another service for hosting it. :/(
  5. Is it possible to snap to text inside of Text Frame? Meaning if I want to snap or align a rectangle to the baseline, can I do that? I have turn on all snapping options, but I still get no snapping. source video: https://media.giphy.com/media/gHPVeItrRYKzARAyHz/source.mov
  6. Does anyone know of a Photoshop plugin or a way to help recreate/simulate an old school illustration style like this? Apart from illustrate it from scratch? Thanks :D
  7. It would be awesome if some settings or preferences could propagate across Photo, Designer and Publisher. Like say I favourite a font in Designer, it would be sense that it also as favourite in Photo and Publisher.
  8. So true. I would be nice to be able to fully commit to Affinity.
  9. Yes, unfortunately the "Blend Tool" and the even more powerful "Transform" from Illustrator doesn't have en equivalent in Designer.
  10. I think handoff is intended for "small" files or task, like text, notes, email, messages etc. Not big files, like 100MB - 1GB. I could be wrong.
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