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  1. Hi all, I'm trying Affinity photo for raw processing and am working on an image from the dpreview samples here: https://www.dpreview.com/samples/4858512085/panasonic-lumix-zs200-sample-gallery-updated In particular, I am processing this image: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/1484710012/panasonic-zs200-sample-gallery/0086927453 I use photo mechanic to manage my images. The first screenshot shows the image rendered in photo mechanic. The second screenshot is in the affinity raw process. I'm seeing a weird vignetting effect which is not there in the original image. Any idea what is happening? [Edit: Sorry... answering my own question. I just observed that the image displayed by photo mechanic was cropped quite a bit, there's no issue here]
  2. So far, I've communicated with the developers of the plugin I mentioned earlier. I had a problem entering the registration code, among other difficulties with this plugin and AP. I got a message from David Dunthorn at CF systems. Their plugin is supported on another image editor called PhotoLine and I also asked about it. Here's what he had to say. "21.2.2016: We currently have no plans to support Affinity. ColorPerfect makes extensive use of the Photoshop/Elements plug-in environment and it takes a lot of detailed work by the staff of a different photo editor to support it. Photoline came to us several years ago and we cooperated with them (largely by helping them to identify missing elements in the plug-in environment they provided) to get ColorPerfect working in that editor. Several other fairly major photo editors Gimp, Paintshop, etc., that supposedly support Photoshop plug-ins are nowhere near robust enough to support ColorPerfect. The Key uses only the most elementary functions of the plug-in interface to function, so if Affinity does not support that, a lot of ColorPerfect will be missing as well." So, it looks like we're out of luck for now. Meanwhile I've tried the other photo editor he spoke about, PhotoLine, and found that it works quite seamlessly with Photoshop plugins. If Serif is serious about PS plugin compatibility, I think there's a lot of work to be done, going by the comment from David above. This is why I asked for the roadmap, so that we have some sense of potential availability and that we can plan our purchases and workflows with or without Affinity Photo. Hope we get a bit more info from Serif.
  3. Developing a raw image in AP appears to mess up some of the EXIF information. Pick any raw image, for example something from here. Compare the EXIF in the raw image with the output from the developer module. I picked an image at random, here are the details. Capture One shows this: Shutter speed: 1/320s Aperture: f/2.8 Loading the raw image into AP shows this: Exposure: 1/319s Aperture: 2.8 Developing the image results in this: Exposure: 1/319s Aperture: 2/1 In fact, the EXIF in the raw image shows an exposure of 1/319s which AP retained, but AP changed the aperture. The original image has an F-stop of: <exif:FNumber>2.8</exif:FNumber> AP changed this to: <exif:FNumber>2/1</exif:FNumber> Previewing the images in an image browser like Photo Mechanic indicates that AP has also changed the date and time on the image. The Capture One output retains the date and time the image was shot, AP's output shows yesterday's date and time when I actually processed the image. I can send you the raw EXIF XML info if you like, or copy-paste it here.
  4. Thanks Meb for the quick answer. Since plugin support depends on interest, is there any way we can help troubleshoot problems with getting plugins working? As I had written earlier, the ColorPerfect plugin from CF systems (http://www.c-f-systems.com/Plug-ins.html) is central to my workflow. Affinity photo recognises the plugin, loads it and I can manipulate my image in it, but I can't get the plugin to remember my registration code, which results in a watermark over the output image. It looks like we're almost there, and it would be great to have it working with AP. I've already written to CF systems to ask about support for AP, and will keep you posted when there is an answer.
  5. Hiya, Sam here from Singapore. Photography and image processing has been a more than serious hobby for over two decades now. I studied photography a bit, started with manual cameras of all types, 135, 127, 6x7, 4x5, 6x4.5, and a whole bunch of other formats, processed B&W film and prints in darkrooms and probably shortened my life by a few years breathing in the toxic fumes. Migrated to shooting chromes and finally digital, many moons ago. Now I'm completely digital, but still have a truckload of old slides and negatives to scan and process. I've been using Capture One since the 3.x days to process RAW images out of my DSLR's, Vuescan to scan my physical media, and an old version of Photoshop to edit. I'm trying to cut my Adobe dependency and I have no intention of migrating to their cloud based offer when my OS is no longer supported in due time. I've purchased pixelmator but it didn't really cut it. Affinity's software made a great impression during the beta, and I just purchased a copy today after a lot of procrastination. I'm still dependent on PS for a plugin that's critical to my workflow to process linear film scans, so I hope Affinity photo starts supporting PS-type plugins seamlessly at some point in time when I can move completely to AP.
  6. Hi all, I just started playing with affinity photo's raw conversion feature. Most other raw conversion tools come with some sort of auto-adjust that usually provides a good starting point. A screencap of my Capture One window is attached. Clicking on the "A" towards the top right of each section does the auto-adjust for each setting. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't find any auto-adjust in AP, for example, to auto-adjust exposure, colour balance, and so on. Do we have this feature in AP yet?
  7. Hello mods, MEB, As a new AP user, I'm interested in Serif's plans for plugins, and any roadmap you may have. I'm particularly interested in how you prioritise building support for new plugins, and how an end-user like me could contribute. I ask, because my workflow currently uses a couple of plugins - CF systems' Color Perfect, and Topaz B&W. Color Perfect is great at converting raw linear scans of negatives or chromes to working images, but you probably seldom come across anyone using such a plugin. Any more information on your approach to plugins would be helpful. I'm stuck with PS-CS5 for now for some of my work, since Color Perfect and Topaz B&W need PS to run.
  8. Hello mods, Just a suggestion - We're seeing plenty of comments and requests around plugins scattered around the forums. Would it be better if we had a dedicated thread or a blog entry that stays current, with a list of plugins you have validated, and perhaps a place for people to vote on our most used plugins that we would like supported on Affinity Photo?
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