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  1. salzi

    Vanishing point

    I found "rotation centre" from tool bar and noticed that it works like in photoshop when you drag it to vanishing point and then press cmd and shift while you scale the layer. Works well Once again, awesome app
  2. salzi

    Vanishing point

    I'd like to hear development team's opinion. It's simple but important feature.
  3. salzi

    Vanishing point

    I mean this tool on this video after 4:30.
  4. Hi team, Is there vanishing point tool in Affinity photo? I haven't found it but it would be really helpful when you are making composite images and changing the size of the object. It would be awesome if you could make it.
  5. I had the same issue with Mac pro 2013 and metal when I made focus stacking with 30 (sony) raw files and then tried to add Live Depth of Field layer. It was so slow anyway that I needed to export it to png before continuing editing and didn't try that live filter with it again. I can try it again if needed
  6. salzi


    I have a mac pro 2013 and I'm wondering if metal would give the support for both graphic cards to boost the performance. Pixelmator use both and with some tasks it is much faster. Would it be possible with Affinity too? Thanks for making awesome apps. When lightroom killer is ready then I can cancel my CC :)