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  1. Thanks Jimmy this sounds great but I can't open the embeded documents in new tab. When I double click the layer it just zooms in to the image on the canvas. So I can't do this. Getting very frustrated :( Scratch that, as I wrote it I realised I needed to double click the image on the canvas, not the layer. I'll try again ...
  2. Anyone? I really need to get these cards printed ASAP ...
  3. No the text wasn't exporting as vectors - it was being rasterized too. I gave up on the images, but I've reinserted them as vector graphics now (see new attachments above) and would like to figure out why they're getting rasterized on export.
  4. Thanks MEB, that has certainly worked for the text for which I'm grateful. The images (pixel layers) in that file were originally vector graphics and I've now introduced them back into the file as vector layers. However I now have the same rastering problem with these layers - I cannot export them into PDF format as vectors. They always result in pixelated edges. I have attached the .afdesign files for both the back and front of my business card. The only pixel layer in each is the shadow layer at the bottom. The images however (the "LF" logo and "LINTELFILM" title at the top on the "back" card) are messy and I've had to crop them in Designer and/or add opacity to make them work. Forgive me, my brain is very photo-oriented so my understanding of vector graphics is very limited. If you can help me with exporting these graphic vector layers as vectors I would be hugely grateful ... LF-Business-Card-2016-Back.afdesign LF-Business-Card-2016-Front.afdesign
  5. I'm making a business card in Affinity Designer to be uploaded to and printed by Moo.com. They request designs with text be saved in the PDF/X-1a format (converting text to curves). However, whenever and however I export from Designer text gets rasterised and exhibits edge-pixelation. I've tried every combination of export settings I can come up with (two days I've been trying to do this) but everything gets rasterised on export whatever I do. Why can't the PDF's I export handle vectors? One side of my business card attached (in .afdesign format) LF-Business-Card-BACK.afdesign