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  1. Hi, this question has bee asked in 2016 already, but with no result. is AF photo, Designer running on Citrix and if yes - I would need more than 1 license. how can this be organized We are thinking of letting down Adobe in our company and would like to install AF on our CITRIX system Is teure anyone who has experience with this? thank you for the help noe
  2. Hi, this might be an easy question. how is it possible to devide a curve into equal sections. I need a spline or curve with 4 equal length nodes. Or is this even possible? thank you
  3. Great news, you guys are great, moving forward. AD will have a great future
  4. Hi, I am stuck a little and need some help please. I try to duplicate an object around a fixed center. I can use "comand j" to duplicate and do a lot of things. But I want the object to spin around a fixed a defined point. In Rhino 3d this is called ArrayPolar (see attachment) and I am looking for a simulare function in AD. In AD I didn´t find a way to place a center point outside the object. Does someone know how to do this? Thank you for your help heiko

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