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  1. Hello, I have just bought Affinity Photo, so please let me know if this feature already exists. What I'd like is a feature that Photoshop has where you can change the shape and rotation of round brushes to be ellipses in any direction or degree. The reason I ask for this is that I do some concept art and this feature allows me to have easy and time saving control over the perspective of the things I'm drawing. Although I think the Photoshop version could do with a lot of improvements, it's still very useful. I would also like to see the 'More' brush options appear if the RMB
  2. Hello, I'm having some issues with selection using Affinity Designer. I may be using it incorrectly. I have a group with a number of layers and I want to select all the nodes in the group. At the moment I could do this by selecting the group, then opening the group and manually selecting every layer and using the node tool. Which is fine but seems a bit inefficient and a waste of time. If I select the object using the move tool, I can't then marquee select sub layers. I have to shift click and when there are a lot of objects this is impractical. Is there a faster way to do this
  3. Hi, I'm giving Affinity a trial after years of Photoshop. So far so good but I have some questions about the brush controls. The main issue is getting a really soft brush. I drag Hardness way down to 0% but it's still much to strong for what I want. What am I missing? Is it not possible to create a very soft brush from the standard one that it uses on start up? I've also tried making a brush that has its Hardness controlled by pen pressure. I've had two results with this and I'm not sure why I got different results. The first time, the hardness did change with pen pressure, but so
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