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  1. Thank you for your reply. I know we could always use iPad's native screen recording to later edit the video as a time-lapse video.
  2. Is there a way to create time-lapse videos from our Affinity Designer iPad versions? I'm looking for something like what Procreate has. Thanks!
  3. Anyone? this is quite an annoying problem that probably has a simple solution.
  4. Every time I try to draw with Designer on Mac and iPad the curves I draw are instantly "corrected" after I finish. I've tried playing with settings of the application or the brushes but I couldn't find a way to just stop "correcting" my drawing strokes. Is this the expected behavior or is there a way to disable this? Please see an attached video of what I mean. Thanks. vector brush test.mov
  5. Thanks @R C-R I didn't know hot to see the unlinked attributes and yes, it's super odd that I did not create any symbol on AD. I believe this has to be a bug.
  6. Hi @Ron P., Correct, I created the file in AP then I edited in AD to add some vector brushes. Originally, when I saw the problem with the duplicated groups I didn't add Artboards I was just working with groups. Artboards were added just to show side by side omn the attached video here.
  7. I created the file and I'm pretty sure I didn't create symbols, at least not intentionally. Those are just text layers Affinity photo doesn't have symbols, right? I'm wondering if something odd happened when I used "Edit on Affinity Designer" option.
  8. Thanks, I've checked it before and I am only selecting one layer or group at a time. Attached a screenshot and a video to show the problem. I just noticed that there's an orange marker on the left side of the linked layers: Duplicated groups problem video.mov
  9. Sure, here it is. I used artboards so it's easier to see the problem. duplicated-group-problem.afphoto
  10. Hi Lee, thanks for your reply. Probably I didn't explain the issue very clear. The duplicated group belongs to the same .afphoto file and there's no Macro ever recorded for this file involved. So far what I've tried: restart the application move "linked" elements out of the group copy both groups to a new .afphoto file save as a new .afphoto file Following either of the steps the problem persists, the only thing it works is to move one of the duplicated groups to a new file and work in two independent .afphoto files.
  11. Hi community, I've found an odd behavior (bug or feature?) on my macos Affinity Photo 1.6.7. Sometimes when I duplicate (command+J) a group and I edit the contents of a layer within the duplicated group, for instance it's position or size, the changes are also affecting the original group. Am I missing something or there's a way to prevent this from happening? Thanks! Ale
  12. Thanks R C-R for your recommendation. I personally like the MM2 and not planning to change it in the short term. I will use what you propose about tool settings and MM2 options. Regarding the other questions... anyone?
  13. Hi, I'm new here and with AD and AP, I'm quite enjoying it. Now I'm working on a card deck design as you can see here: https://www.behance.net/wip/1735405 and I love the snapping features of AD. There are some issues I'm experiencing that need to be solved. I use an Apple Magic Mouse 2 and every time I click+command I get a duplicated layer, I don't need this behavior when I'm trying to just get to a grouped layer. Also the canvas pans and objects moves. Objects with same global colors are inconsistent as you can see the attached image. The red blue and yellow in this affinity design file should be the same as they have the same global color. Note that some times when I copy and paste an object to a new artboard the color changes. Any way to duplicate an artboard with it's guidelines? Is there a live mirror feature? very useful to design the King, Queen and Jack. I really need to be able to trust AD as I can't send this to print with this problems. Thanks in advance! Ale
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