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  1. Hello,

    I just updted to the latest version 1.7, but still having problems, to open my Raw files of my FUJI X10 camera with affinity.

    The size will , that affinitry opens is 2848 pixels x 2144 pixels instad of 300 pixels x 4000 pixels. The raw converter from Adobe does open it correct. The firmware of my X10 is 2.01, so the latest release.

    This problem exsitst still I started to work with this photo tool. Whnen will it be solved?

    Kind regards


  2. Hey Leo D,


    I tried to open it with enabled rulers, but the same result only 2848 x 2144 pixels will be developed. The rulers do only show the # of pixels in each direction, how should this influence the resolution?


    I do not like to go and develop the photos with different raw tools for each camera. I'd like to use only on tool, like the raw engine from a***e that opens all Raw files.


    May be I wait for the next update to use the SW ....


    Kind regards



  3. Hello Affinity team,


    I'm working more and more with the Photo app, using raw data from my canon camera. But until now the raw format of my nice little Fuji X10 is not really supported. The photo is not loaded in the full resolution and so fine details will be skipped by raw development.


    I was happy, to see the new version, but still in the new version this raw format is not supported. So curently I have to user my old photo program from A****


    Is there a plan, when the Fuji series cameras will be fully supported?


    I'm waiting!!


    Kind regards




  4. Hello DWright,


    thanks for the fast reply.


    I already tried a lot with the build in raw reduction inside the raw development. Even, when I play with the values for removing the noise, I get theses "artefacts" on my Fuji photos. When I develop the Fuji images in the Adobe software the noise pattern is more random distributed and has no artefacts - it looks more natural, like the grain from a analogue film.


    When I open images from my canon camera (5D MKII) all is fine with the  Affinity raw development, so I think this is a special issue with the raw engine for the Fuji raw files.


    I'm Waiting, here for an update of the raw converter.


    Kind regards



  5. Hello all together,


    at first I'm very impressed about Affinity Photo, it' features and usability. Thank you for the really good photo tool.


    I Have a question, regarding raw-file development, especial files from Fuji (here from my X10).


    When I develop the Fiji X10 raw files the have a noise, that looks  a little like artefacts known from *jpg images. When I develop the same file with adobe camera raw from adobe, the noise looks a lot better, more random and no artefacts.


    I have added 2 *jpg files to show what I mean.:


    x10_raw_nise_af.jpg, developed with Affinity.

    x10_raw_nise_ps.jpg, developed with Adobe camera raw.


    both files have been stored to get high quality *.jpg's so that no additional artefacts are generated by the *.jpg export.


    Any Ideas or what did I wrong? Please view them at 200%.


    Kind Regards








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