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    Pauls got a reaction from Joachim_L in German: Cut off status bar text in Node tool   
    I've added your report to the issue
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    Pauls reacted to Joachim_L in German: Cut off status bar text in Node tool   
    Working with the Node tool the status bar text is cut off. You can see this during different "mouseovers". As German is a "lengthy" language I guess this is happening at other places too. This "bug" applies for the complete Affinity range.
    Maybe Serif should make a 2-lines status bar for some languages or at least an option for it?

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    Pauls got a reaction from Jon P in Can't run 1.8.3, can't upgrade to 1.8.4   
    If you’re getting an error Setup Failed when trying to install our app/update, please try the below suggestions. They should hopefully allow you to install our app/update without any further issues: Restart your machine and try the installation again Make sure you're installing the latest version of the app ( more information here ) Right click the .exe file and select Run as Administrator Make sure your machine isn't in the middle of installing updates - this can lock files needed to install our app/update Make sure your machine is fully updated by checking for any available updates Uninstall any previous versions of the software first using Microsoft's Uninstall Troubleshooter app (some errors have been caused by the installer being unable to remove the previous version) If you’re using an app, such as ImDisk, to modify where your TEMP directory is stored, please disable this and use the default Windows TEMP directory. Make sure you have the correct permissions to add/modify or remove folders within C:\Program Files\ Check Event Viewer to see if any additional information is provided regarding the error ( more information here )
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    Pauls reacted to Asael in Can't run 1.8.3, can't upgrade to 1.8.4   
    MS Uninstall Troubleshooter eventually did the trick, thank you!
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    Pauls got a reaction from Dan C in Some images look strange after export to PDF (print)   
    It may be the levels adjustments and converting between 2 color spaces causing the problem which I will need to investigate further.
    Rasterizing the images in publisher (Layers Panel, Right Click, Rasterise) - seems to generate better exports
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    Pauls got a reaction from Joachim_L in Crash while resizing text frame   
    I've recreated it and logged an issue for this case - thanks @Joachim_L
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    Pauls reacted to Joachim_L in [Fixed]X-4 export fails with PSD inside   
    Thanks, this issue has been fixed now.
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    Pauls reacted to thomaso in Publisher forgets pinning setting   
    I can confirm that pinning settings aren't lost or undesirably changed after re-opening the .afpub in v184.
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    Pauls reacted to Buell8abe in Fine lines around things when exporting PDF   
    Thanks Pauls. Also an update - I downloaded the latest Beta for AD (email received this afternoon) ... and the problem seems to have been worked on. The white flower font on the white background is no longer showing an outline. xx
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    Pauls reacted to jphthierry in Page not displaying properly after upgrading to 1.8.2   
    version 1.8.3 fixed this particular issue for me. Still displayed correctly with 1.8.4
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    Pauls reacted to Afromalone in Paragraph Tab Issue   
    Please ignore No.2. I've now installed updates for Photo and Designer and the .afpub files are opening in the correct programme. Thanks.
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    Pauls reacted to StephenK in Alignment Panel now forgets previous 'align to' setting   
    This bug has been fixed in Publisher/Designer/Photo 1.8.4. The Alignment Panel now remembers the previous settings like it used to in 1.8.1. 😀
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    Pauls reacted to benwiggy in PDF Import   
    Test this PDF, made in Aff Publisher. It contains Non-lining figures in several different Adobe / Monotype fonts. -- Caslon, Garamond, Baskerville, Bembo, etc.  

    They are all outlined in Illustrator, because they are alternate glyphs that can't be mapped back. If you claim that these fonts are 'wrong', then almost every font is wrong and we can't use any of them. Or, the application should work with fonts as they are. 
    That is what Illustrator does, by outlining the glyphs. That is what Affinity should be doing. 

    Instead, Affinity imports this PDF and switches in the default glyphs.


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    Pauls reacted to voom in Canvas area - clicks don't work since 1.8.4   
    I solved the "click"-issue: the app interfering in my case was "XMouseButtonControl". Which is funny, since I did not even use the functions any more thus could simply uninstall it...
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    Pauls reacted to harrym in - Selection brush - Refine   
    Apologies, please ignore (well it looked like it was being ignored anyway!)  It's been a while since I've masked within a file with a B&W live filter on, the refine mask goes to black instead of that nice red!
    Maybe I should re-post as feature request would be nice if the mask colour remained consistent. Or maybe there is a setting for that?
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    Pauls reacted to garrettm30 in double-click word selection skips the first word.. sometimes   
    I'm not the original poster, but as one of the fellow participants in this thread, for my part I can confirm that this issue is fixed in 1.8.4 and in the last recent beta.
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    Pauls reacted to Alex White in Index "find in documents..." can't find words with a colon after them   
    I've downloaded the update, checked and the issue has now been resolved for me. It is now working perfectly. 
    Thank you!
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    Pauls reacted to derPixelgarten in IDML Import wrong ... Displays grey-color correct but has wrong values in the CMYK-Slider?   
    Hey Pauls, so sorry I just found out the problem🙈. I switched to the Tint-slider ... it is black K=100 but tinted 50%. It is a bit confusing, because there is no hint that it is tinted (or maybe there is?, pease let me know) and in the Color-Tab the color is still K=100, only the Color-picker shows the correct values ... This topic can be closed.
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    Pauls reacted to sdrum in Freezing Fixed. Thank you   
    Congrats, Affinity team. The issue with objects freezing up after the program (it worked fine in v. 183) was open for awhile got completely fixed in beta 184663. Thank you.
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    Pauls reacted to Gnobelix in modify a brightness mask   
    TK-Panel is an interactive action collection for Photoshop, which is steplessly controlled by slider e.g. for luminance masks.

    There are no such or similar panels for Affinity-Photo.

    Similar results of a brightness mask can be achieved as follows.
    Duplicate the opened image and create a grayscale image from the duplicate.
    Create a new adjustment layer e.g. a level or a curve and adjust the brightness according to your needs,
    with the shortcut CTRL and ALT and with a mouse click on the thumnail, a selection is made,
    or alternatively rasterize the grayscale layer as a mask.
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    Pauls got a reaction from JohnRob in Creating Mask layer for Pet Eye (Photo - Win10)   
    The menu item Layer, New group allows you to create a new group layer.
    The mask layer is more like a property of the group/layer rather than being a child layer in itself which is why its it indented.
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    Pauls got a reaction from RedLorrYellowDesing in Affinity Publisher files are all becoming corrupt   
    @RedLorrYellowDesing- are you using the encyption feature of pCloud?
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    Pauls got a reaction from RedLorrYellowDesing in Affinity Publisher files are all becoming corrupt   
    I would definitely try a sample file with another provider pcloud has caused problems in the past
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    Pauls got a reaction from wigglepixel in Issues with automated fields [1.8.3]   
    Do you have the master page selected at the start?
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    Pauls reacted to ashf in Suggestions for Japanese UI   
    Translation for "Palettized" in Export>PNG/GIF>More
    減色済み - Incorrect
    This means it's already been palettized.
    減色 or 減色する - OK
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