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    Pauls reacted to carl123 in PDF Export | Calibri appears bold in one text frame, but not the other text frame   
    Attached is a simple APhoto document with 2 identical text frames, a shape with an outer shadow effect and a Brightness & Contrast adjustment layer 
    Problem: When exported to PDF (for export) the lower text has a bold like effect (file attached)
    The adjustment layer will cause the lower text to be rasterized (understandable) but the inclusion of the outer shadow on the shape makes the lower text look bold.  If the shadow on the shape is switched off then the text no longer looks bold when exported to a PDF.
    I've recreated the above in APhoto beta (file attached) but I think it is what the OP is also experiencing in his Publisher file due to the outer shadow effect on the ruler image and the Brightness / Contrast adjustment layer below that. Switching off the outer shadow effect in the OP's file also eliminates the bold like effect reported on the text.
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    Pauls got a reaction from Nathan Shirley in Hyphenation bug with slash?   
    You have a point, I'll raise it with the devs
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    Pauls reacted to anweid in German 'Insert index mark' dialog translation   
    The German Affinity Publisher (Windows) shows the attached window for inserting index marks.
    The combo box called Stil ignorieren (=Ignore style) seemed to be a complete mystery to me, because I couldn't think of any reason why styles should somehow be ignored. Fortunately, the help file came up with a different translation for this combo box: Stilkorrektur. Yes, please use this word in the dialog box instead, because the selected style should not be ignored, but used. Another possibility would be Verwendeter Stil (=Used style).
    Andreas Weidner

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    Pauls reacted to walt.farrell in Text Frame cannot be deleted   
    I think that has been reported elsewhere, and occurs for images pinned in text where the Text Frame came from a Master Page (as in your case). The workaround, I think, is to use Edit Detached before trying to move the pin.
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    Pauls got a reaction from Friksel in [AfPub] Linked images aren't updated when image file changed   
    Issue logged - looks like the resource manager is listing the resources for the active document not the one that might need updating
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    Pauls got a reaction from Daniel Gibert in [Resolved] hyphenation broken again, seriously bad on all suite   
    You have no break set on the text from the character panel - turning that off should enable wrapping
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    Pauls reacted to mac_heibu in PDF Problem   
    Looks like there is a font replacement to a font, which doesn’t support ligatures.
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    Pauls reacted to Champat in Bug on the color display in the French version of Publisher   
    Great ! it works fine now with
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    Pauls reacted to BrianUni in Page 2 and 3 Linking   
    That did the trick, Paul!  Thanks so much!!
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    Pauls reacted to Seneca in Page 2 and 3 Linking   
    Please make sure you choose arrange horizontal and not vertical when you create a new document. (Facing pages option).
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    Pauls reacted to LFGabel in PDF Export changes smart quote marks   
    So I dug a little deeper and realized I had two versions of the ZapfHumanist font installed: One a True Type font from Corel (like Lagarto suggested) and one from a Bitstream font collection which identified as an Open Type font.
    I removed the Bitstream Open Type font, reloaded Publisher, and all is working as it should now.
    Pauls, I can upload the font, publisher doc and a PDF if you still require it. Just let me know.
    Thanks for the help, but sorry for wasting everyone's time.
    With thanks, Lee
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    Pauls reacted to Jeremy Bohn in Will not snap to lines on masterpage when preview mode turned off   
    It's in the Candidates popup menu.

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    Pauls reacted to thomaso in Initials display wrong in frametext   
    To detect the reason for both strange occurrences it would be necessary to know all steps which were done. Since that is hardly possible to recognize afterwards (unless you have saved with document history) I'd rather call it a corrupted frame or master. So, instead of investigating its initial fault I'd recommend for your further work to delete that master frame and even page 1 and re-create from scratch. (As mentioned I tried it successfully with your styles on a new text frame on the existing master with no harm.)
    EDIT: I just noticed you have already done that successfully. Thank you for the info.
    Hm, how did the text frame on master and page 1 get different heights if not detached on page 1?
    The cross handles are no indicator to detect whether an object has been detached any time. Yes, the handles turn to dots when detach mode is active – but they turn back to cross handles when detach mode is finished. In this sample you see a master page icon + a document page with an obviously scaled object, which still (again) appears with cross handles:

    "Based on an imported PDF" sounds like a good hint for the developers. That might be a reason for unexpected behavior, otherwise it also could be initiated by any later action. – Can you upload your origin PDF in case developers want to do further investigation?
    However, the left/right issue of master and pg 1 isn't solved or explained yet. – Have you switched your .afpub in "Document Setup..." at any time from "single" to "facing" pages?
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    Pauls got a reaction from macmclaw in Yikes, Still Non-Functional!!   
    Well that's some good news - I'll add that info to the bug report. As to what's causing it is hard to pin down unless we can ever replaicate that issue here. I still suspect some software influence having seen the crash report.
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    Pauls reacted to walt.farrell in Snapping on Publisher is now on weird diagonal lines?   
    Perhaps you have something odd setup in View > Grid and Axis Manager? The Advanced and Cube settings there have additional snapping options.
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    Pauls got a reaction from Joachim_L in Re-applying outer shadow style   
    Confirmed -  we have that logged as an issue
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    Pauls got a reaction from Daniel Gibert in Spanish translation error in all suite apps: automatically hide extension   
    We'll get that fixed  - thanks
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    Pauls reacted to Patrik79 in Publisher Export to PDF Type   
    Solved it! Had problems with Font-Management on windows! Sorry for bothering you!
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    Pauls reacted to Daniel Gibert in Spanish translation error in all suite apps: automatically hide extension   
    This is a Spanish translation error on the three apps of the suite.
    In Preferences > General: the "Automatically hide extension" setting string has been incorrectly translated as "ocultar selección automáticamente" (which means "automatically hide selection" )
    It must be translated as "ocultar extensión automáticamente"
    I've been getting crazy because I could not find the hide extension setting, until I set the apps on English and realized it was incorrectly translated.
    Best regards and have a nice weekend.
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    Pauls reacted to MikeW in Editing text to a heading causes error   
    There are only soft returns, typically made from pressing shift+enter, though if the text is imported then the source is made that way. So it is all one long paragraph and APub is doing what it should.
    In the screen shot below, I deleted the soft return at "animal cruelty" and pressed Enter to create a new paragraph and applied a different text style.

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    Pauls got a reaction from Digital Mirror in Publisher Crashes Big File   
    We have seen some that can take up to 90 GB!!
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    Pauls reacted to walt.farrell in Continuation Fields   
    To use continuation fields you need to have the frames linked.
    You have a separate frame with "See page <Next Page Number>" on the initial page, and a separate frame with "From page <Previous Page Number>" on the target page. But the frames are not linked together. For example, you have a link from the main text on page 2 to the "from page" frame on page 4, but what you need is a link from the "see page" frame to the "from page" frame.
    So, the main text frames need to be linked together, so the text flows. And the See and From frames need to be linked together so the references work.
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    Pauls reacted to BrianUni in Text Not Rendering Properly with Copy/Paste From PDF   
    Done!  thanks, Paul!
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    Pauls reacted to Lagarto in Text Not Rendering Properly with Copy/Paste From PDF   
    Here's one created in InDesign and Affinity Publisher. I think it is as MikeW mentioned above, Affinity does not use the font's codepoint for the ligature but just uses an unused Unicode codepoint, which shows when you copy paste the text. If you copy paste the text from PDF created by InDesign, you get those characters decomposed (so that the destination software defines whether a ligure is used or not).
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    Pauls reacted to GarryP in Strange UI experience after switching Personas a few times   
    Sorry Pauls but this was a one-off issue (for me, at least) on 19th August that I haven’t been able to replicate since.

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