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  1. Every time I open my documents I get a white "window" where the canvas is default color white, the rest is black. (see movie) If I get the document to refresh the view, like moving it to an other monitor I can get it to work, but not always. I am running the latest version for now 1.9.3 (however that information is ambiguous and given as 1.9.15 if you quick view the application) (seeimage) affinity-bugs-canvas-black - SD 480p.mov
  2. Another good use case where rasterise many layers is when I export web pages as pdfs. Those PDF's opened in Affinity Designer used in Publisher does render a lot or "too low dpi-warnings" due to Web developers use of small image objects to create a look. The solution is to select all images and rasterise them so they become the correct content with enough with pixels. Though now I have to do it over and over again, layer for layer – very tedious!!! Marking layers with color helps finding them but the rasterise function should be available for multiple selections. BR Jim
  3. Hi, I have the problem with the software crashing with this beta-version ( I can sometimes when I go through the menu > Open get a view of it for a number of seconds but then it crashes with a crash report. I created this document on APub 1.9.0/Big Sur 11.1 (Mac M1) sent it to a colleague, he edit it, sent it back (crash), worked on his side APub 1.9.0/Big Sur 11.0?. Then he upgraded on his side to Big Sur 11.1 it started to crash. He got it to work by using Menu > Open while none of his versions works for me at all. The beta version does not help at all in my case.
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