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  1. great that his thread comes alive again and that you guys miss this feature as well!
  2. I use the standard settings -> EPS (for export) -> PS level: 3 and nothing is rasterised therefore the "Raster DPI" field is blank. good luck mate!
  3. just a little useful request from my side would be for Photo: for the Crop-Tool to add a Mode -> Crop to selection if you have an active selection it would crop the image to the size of it. THX for reading and considering this for future updates!
  4. my bad and very sorry for bothering! you were right @The Assurer in your 1st post: somehow the color-profile switched! I realized by opening a new document: color-selection was working properly! please go ahead and delete this thread!
  5. well ... the screenie says everything: specs: Affinity Designer 1.4.1 MacPro6,1 - AMD FirePro D700 - Eizo EV3237: 2560 x 1440 @ 60 Hz - 30-Bit Color (ARGB2101010)
  6. @RNKLN ... Apple Motion is a good package ... if you want to do the 1st steps in Motion Design or use it in combination with FCP. but After Effects is the one that most professionals use in their workflow and it is (at the moment) the industry standard! I am aware that 99% of my colleagues would change that tomorrow ... just to escape Adobe's claws (and obviously: the industry standard would change too)! I underline that money is a concern in Adobe's politics ... but what bugs me the most: the day I'll stop paying, I am not able to open my work anymore that I created in endless hours! and again my colleagues think the same way but at the moment their is no alternative which would allow to easily make the switch like you guys here at Serif made it easy with Photo and Designer! and that is important to make you right away comfortable inside a new software because there is no time to learn a new one that uses a different concept/approach like "node based" for example. so ... make it happen ... and you would make a ton of people even happier!
  7. FANTASTIC!!! THANKS so much ... that trick worked to import the vectors into Cinema 4D!!! such a live-saver to simply change a suffix!!!
  8. thanks for the good suggestions guys! @Hokusai no PDF's or better C4D recognizes them as a picture format and opens it in the picture viewer and not as Spline to work with it in 3D. @MBd changing the suffix from .pdf to .ai didn't do the trick: Unknown file format! SVG and EPS don't do the trick either and even from Illustrator the file has to be saved as V8 to work with C4D.
  9. here we go -> download zipped psd file and BIG thx for looking into this!!!
  10. thanks @ JimmyJackfor the useful inputs! I tried out all possible combinations in saving a render to test if I get an alpha channel in Affinity Photo ... but no luck! in PSD i get them (check attached img). am I still to used to the PSD channel-panel that I don't understand the one in Affinity Photo?! or are the alpha channels not read/shown?
  11. THX @MEB for the information! I am sure that you have many requests for more applications after the great success with Affinity Photo and Design! my post was just very egoistic and I'll keep my hopes high that one day you will make it happen!
  12. just a side note: Maxon Cinema 4D uses this format to import vector art into their 3D programs too! so it would be great and highly appreciated to export V8 files from Affinity Designer!!!
  13. you guys made the market for creative software really rock!!! and I am telling everybody proudly that I have made the switch from Adobe to Serif!!! over 25 years of intensive professional use and after the silly change to the Creative Cloud ... I am almost free from the Adobe machine and that feels so good! just one more thing is missing in the Serif collection: an alternative to replace After Effects! and I guarantee you guys if you'll manage to get that one as excellent as Affinity Photo and Designer ... there will be another big wave of switcher's be rolling in!!! are they any plans for an "Affinity After Effects"?
  14. hi to all and hopefully I'll find help here to keep using Affinity Photo as a pro. I work as a Motion Designer and 3D artist and rendered out some files with "Object Buffers" in Cinema 4D. I chose Photoshop (PSD) as the format to save the render and got for each "Object Buffer" a separate Alpha Channel (that I can use to make selections for example). But I cannot find the exported Alpha channels in Affinity Photo! I have discovered the "Channels" tab but the alpha-channels are not listed there ... or am I looking in the wrong place??!? BIG thanks in advance for pointing me the right direction!
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