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  1. Hi, since a couple of days ago, I am unable to access the Help files from Affinity Photo when I click on Search. I am still using the same Mac Desktop Mojave 10.14.2 operating system. I can access the help menu but when I put something on the search box (e.g., filters) I get options on the left but when I click on an option it goes somewhere else that has nothing to do with what I clicked. I tried it several times and get the same result. It looks like a bug to me. By the way, I am using Safari browser latest version.

  2. Hi! Does anyone know how to create a Phi Grid (based on the Golden Ratio) overlay in Affinity Photo? (The Golden Ratio is divides the frame into sections resulting in a grid that is 1:0.618:1).

    I want to use that overlay for composition and cropping. I know we already have a Golden Spiral, but I like the Phi Grid for landscapes and other types of images.

    For more basic info on the Golden Ratio you can check this article, specifically for photography: https://www.apogeephoto.com/how-to-use-the-golden-ratio-to-improve-your-photography/


  3. I am unclear about certain aspects of the cropping tool. Why is it that when I choose 1:1, 5:7 or 8:10 the crop frame preserves the ratio when I move the horizontal or vertical side, but when I choose 6x4 or 8.5x11, the ratio is not preserved when I move either the vertical or horizontal side? And why do the first 3 options use : while the other two use X? Is there a way to create a custom cropping frame that is 6x4 that is "constrained" meaning that it preserves the ratio when I move either the vertical or horizontal line? Thanks!

  4. Thanks but that is not what I am asking. I know how to change a file's ICC profile for Export. What I want to find out is how to add a Profile tab in my dashboard (if that is the right name of the panel that sits on the right of my AP). I know it can be done because I saw James doing it on the video I  mentioned earlier. Now, it is possible that that video was created with a prior version of AP and that in the newest version that is no longer an option. But if it is still an option I would like to know how to enable it. Typically to enable these tabs, you have to go to View/Studio and enable it from there. But when I go there, there is no option for "Profiles". I already know that I can change the ICC profile of an image (prior to exporting) by going to Document/Convert ICC profile or Assign ICC profile. I am looking for a shortcut. Hope this clarifies my query a bit more. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for your reply, but I think we are talking about different things. In the video "Big Stopper Effect", James is able to change the ICC Profile directly from the Dashboard, rather than having to go into Document/Convert ICC Profile. Typically the options that show up on the Dashboard (although I am not sure that is the right name for the right hand panel) can be turned on and off by going into View/Studio. When I go there, there is no option for turning on Profiles. So my question is How do you turn it on so it shows up as an option in the Dashboard. Hope this clarifies my query a bit. 

  6. Ok, thank you for all your responses. I am still not totally clear on the following: When I open a New Document in AP it is set at 72 DPI by default. Should I change that to 300 DPI instead? What difference is that going to make in the dimensions or quality of the final image which I am uploading to a vendors' website in order to be printed onto a variety of objects. My goal is to send the best possible quality image. Given the original raw image size I have to work with, what is the best way to ensure that I am sending the highest quality jpg file to the vendor? 

  7. I need to submit a photo to a website and was told to submit it at 300 ppi (not dpi). First of all, I am not sure what does 300 ppi mean in terms of actual picture dimensions. And as far as I can tell, currently there is no ppi option in AP. Is there a way that I can ensure that a photo is at least 300 ppi on AP using the options currently available such as resizing the document or exporting?


    Thanks for any suggestions or help on this matter?

  8. Thanks so much for the LAB technique to convert a picture to B&W. 


    I tried it and the limitation I see with it, is that once you clear the color Channels, you can't use the B&W, HSL or White Balance adjustments to further tweak the image. In other words there is less flexibility. You can change the tonality using Curves but you can't change the relationships between different tones, like you can with the other method.


    I also tried comparing the same approach in LAB that I use when working in RGB (using the B&W adj + HSL), and it seems to give very similar results, at least visually. I am just wondering if, from a technical perspective, there is any difference worth considering, between working in either color space, specifically for doing what I just described.



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