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  1. From what I have tried so far, the suggestion proposed by MBd seems to be the easiest. I found that when you create a metaselection to move one of the underlying selections, you have to make sure the metaselection is larger than the underlying selection. Otherwise it messes up the underlying selection. Still, I do think there should be a simpler way of moving each selection independently by clicking a keyboard key or creating an additional option under Mode that allows you to switch between moving the selections together or independently.
  2. Thanks Madame. Tried your suggestion without much success, so far. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Anyway, these techniques seem way more complicated than it should be to simply uncouple 2 selections.
  3. Hi, as far as I know, at this time when I draw two marquee tools over the eyes of a subject in order to change their color, and then I want to reposition slightly just one of the marquee selections, they both move at the same time. Someone in the forum was kind enough to point out a way of moving one selection independently, but frankly it is a rather complicated way of doing something that should be very simple to do. In brief, my suggestion is to create a way to quickly uncouple 2 or more selections in order to be able to move them independently. Thanks!
  4. Wow! That actually works. Thanks. But frankly shouldn't there be a simpler way of being able to select just one selection without having to go through that process? Such as clicking command or alt or shift and then being able to move one selection without also moving the other.
  5. I am unclear about the following: what is the difference between shrinking the canvas size to fit only part of an image and cropping the same area? Cropping is easier but are there situations where shrinking the canvas might be better? I believe that both are non-destructive methods. Thanks if anyone can help clarify this point.
  6. Hi DWright and thank you, When you say you use the "document resize" with larger images, I assume you mean "canvas resize", right? If that is so, then I understand better how to use the canvas vs crop resize.
  7. Here is another Crash. FYI, this is the only app that crashes on my Mac, which leads me to believe that the problem is not on my end. Please check it out and let me know what I can expect in terms of resolving whatever is making Affinity crash. Thanks! Affinity Photo_2016-02-08-173935_MacBook-Air copy.crash.zip
  8. Hi, I am a new user and I noticed that Affinity crashes when I am using brushes such as healing brush tool. It may have crashed also when using another brush. It happened several times. I am using a Macbook Air with the latest El Capitan update.
  9. Ok I found the crash reports! Crash Reports.zip
  10. Hi, Ok but how do you obtain the crash report when Affinity Photo crashes? I haven't seen an option for doing that from within the app itself? No screen or pop up shows up after the crash. The application simply quits. When I restart it, it asks me if I want to reopen the previous file but nothing else that I have seen. It does look like the app does automatic saves on a regular basis but not often enough to save all the work that was done. Thanks!
  11. Thank you MEB for your explanation. That helps. There is just one thing I am still not clear. Can I use the Affinity extensions in the OS X Photo App with any JPG or TIFF file that I have imported from my iPhone or camera or downloaded from the web?