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  1. Affinity Photo is a more appropriate tool for image manipulation.
  2. Funny - I could have sworn I posted the same thing but I can't find it. The work-round is to use the keyboard shortcut - g - which does select the tool. Cheers, H
  3. Hi, They already are, as you'll see if you change the background to Transparent. (File menu - Document Setup - Colour tab). You have the document background set to white, which makes it hard to tell! Cheers, H
  4. Good call, but I can't see the checkboxes in Chrome, or in Safari on my iPhone. Perhaps the bleeding-edge developer betas of macOS and iOS I'm running on both devices don't agree with the updated forum software. I'm sure that at some time in the dim and distant past I didn't have any trouble doing this. Nope - all I get is a shrunk view of the same thing. I've also tried adjusting the width of the window without success. I might try fiddling with the user agent - I'll let you know if I have any luck, got to fit it around cooking... ADD: no joy with different user agents, no joy hiding the sidebar.
  5. @Jim1964 are you able to give an example of what you want to achieve and upload it to the forum? A screen grab from a website or a photo of a magazine page or book cover? At the moment it's quite hard to visualise what you're looking for. Cheers, H
  6. Thanks Walt and Carl. Unfortunately I can't see any checkboxes on the right, at least not using Safari. I'll hang on till after the weekend (if we survive Storm Ciara) and see what the Affinity guys have to say. Best, H
  7. I'm fast running out of upload space for attachments. Is there any way of deleting them en bloc from the My Profile/My Attachments area, or is the only way to edit individual messages and delete them one by one? Thanks, H
  8. Affinity Photo 1.8.163 macOS 10.15 If I create a vector mask using a curve and then adjust the curve with the Node tool, the masked area of the image doesn't refresh until I zoom in and out. Screen Recording 2020-02-08 at 09.02.48.mov Unmasking and re-masking (by dragging the curve in the Layers panel) also fixes the view but is even more cumbersome. Cheers, H
  9. Worth remembering that pixel brushes are only available in Designer's Pixel Persona, while vector brushes only work in the main Designer Persona. Cheers, H
  10. I'm sure it varies from country to country - it's a matter of custom and practice, not of absolute right and wrong. And we do sometimes see hyphenated left-aligned text in the UK. But as an old-school print sub-editor it sets my teeth on edge. Except of course in special cases like 'antidisestablishmentarianism' and 'Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch' Mind you, if you're being really strict, proper nouns shouldn't be hyphenated even in justified text.
  11. Ah sorry @Bartek B, I missed the context of your original request. As a picture-editing app, I suspect Photo doesn't have much in the way of hyphenation options. That said, in the 1.8 Beta versions (not sure about 1.7), a hyphenated text frame can be cut and pasted from Publisher into Photo and the resulting text will remain hyphenated and editable.
  12. You'll need to ensure Auto-Hyphenation is turned on in the Paragraph panel: But it also appears that if the text is "left align" (as yours is) then hyphenation will not be applied. This is typographically correct in UK English practice - only justified text should also be hyphenated. Screenshots below. In the first paragraph of the second shot, "porridge" is hyphenated: Hope this helps!
  13. Yes absolutely. After setting the colour space of your original B&W image to CMYK, you can use the Swatches panel in the Studio to create a new Palette, and then use the Colour panel to create your mixes as fills and add them to your palette. You can then rename the swatches in your new Palette by right-clicking on them. Viewing the Palette as a list will help. Here my Colour palette has a fill of 100Y 20K. I have a palette in my Swatches which I've called CMYK colorisation. I'm hovering over the "Add Current Fill to Palette" button. By default my 'Gold' colour is initially named with the complete values for the CMYK mix. And here it is in the process of renaming: And here it is renamed: (There are various different types of palette including Document and Application - check the help files for more info on how to create them.) Cheers, H
  14. In Catalina, with Publisher in full screen mode, and with the New Document window also in full screen mode, creating a new document results in a completely black screen. I can then switch to the new document itself via the App Switcher (CMD-tab) or the Dock. But it's a bit disconcerting.
  15. If you've already applied focus bracketing in camera, then I don't think the Affinity Focus Merge is going to help much. Changing the aperture is simply going to give you different depths of field across the images (which might explain the blurs). And to be honest I'm not sure that Focus Merge is the best tool for exploring lens characteristics. Affinity Focus Merge expects a group of images from the same viewpoint, with the same exposure and aperture settings, but with different focus. It's good for combining macro images which generally have a very shallow depth of field. It finds the sharpest areas of each individual image and combines them to give an image with the 'best of all worlds' in terms of overall sharpness, and from my limited testing of it works very well indeed. Try setting up your camera on a tripod, switch to manual focusing with a fairly shallow depth of field (ie quite a large aperture, but probably not fully open), then take a series of pictures gradually changing focus from the front to the back of the object. Then run these pictures through Focus Merge without changing them in camera or in any other software, and you'll get an idea of what Focus Merge can do. Hope this helps!
  16. That's a great article @R C-R - it's worth reading to the end and absorbing the section headed Don't Edit with "Edit With".
  17. Don't know if this will help, but in the Select menu there's an option to Select Sampled Colour: Click the colour you want to select and then click Apply to confirm the selection. Rather than using the paintpot, you can then add a Recolour adjustment layer which will automatically create a mask of the selection. Deselect to remove the 'marching ants', and then adjust Hue/Saturation/Lightness. It's also worth experimenting with the Opacity and Blend Mode settings. Screen Recording 2020-02-06 at 19.07.05.mov But if you can post the original image, it'll be easier to understand the effect you want to achieve.
  18. If you have an Apple Pencil, are you using the iPad version of Photo? If so, it might be worth posting in the Affinity for iPad forum. We're desktop wallahs here
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